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  • 00:06: most of my friends as well as I loves sweet at This is not like when are extra we just kgs You need a prescription delicious low calorie dessert Tanchico Litvinov claims that food cake angels salvation for those who sweet and loves does not want to recover Of course hello hello name Of course it smartly
  • 00:30: dessert so this dessert It is known throughout the world loved by all absolutely for you gentle and soft snow-white texture Now this food of the gods as it is called It is obtained by what we whisk we separated proteins 12 yolk proteins of 12 and we will use only proteins I remind you that the proteins you need to separate the very carefully to any circumstances yolk I got into the mix and container must be degreased ie it should be absolutely pure and
  • 01:00: dry they are afraid of fat proteins they are afraid of water must be cool and temperature is important it is desirable that the eggs It has been out of the refrigerator if you kept some previous and preparation of proteins they can be saved up to five days refrigerator good you did say ice cream used in terrible You survived proteins please in at the next day there a shade 5 days Can these same proteins use for our tasty cake expensive Well We will shake up proteins and prepare rest pour the ingredients
  • 01:31: them all the twelve proteins in a mixer and whisk at high velocity Spirits have been here about five minutes whipped the house of Here you soft peaks you see that here this cores when she I kept small whipped
  • 02:00: protein, and it will not It falls it says is that these proteins whipped until the desired consistency that I imagine how long I had to work if we wanted Beat the whites hands but some housewives It does so in principle can be important to consistency that's it was preserved now we're here Add the sugar is 300 12 grams of sugar egg whites 300 grams of sugar and add sugar will gradually add it with a spoon our mixer have time Stir because there are quite a few
  • 02:30: protein while you can do so here protein immediately immediately gets completely different his consistency becomes more loose almost once we add to vanillin here 1 bag of vanillin despite the fact that it dessert is a dough We need a little put on I look obtained By the way, our dough almost ready to we need Preheat the oven to needed temperature we expose mode when heated up and down temperature 180 degrees and give our
  • 03:01: oven to warm before we to put our dough here saying the dough and there only beaten egg whites and sugar It has remained virtually One ingredient is flour are up to 125 grams flour the cake, or at we will have even cake as we We will prepare you cream can be cook and chocolate if you We decided to make chocolate pie the food of the angels you you can replace put 100 grams flour and 25 grams cocoa powder all together shall be 125
  • 03:31: we add the flour in four stages and neatly and intervene to to our dough is village flour must be very gentle and soft stir here these Now soft peaks who formed we and testified that our proteins very well whipped You can spoil everything if there is very strong sharply stir this torment that is, in parts and small and on q2 just two table spoon cake called food
  • 04:01: angels, why is beautiful name who it came up with a pie It has a snow-white stuffing crust bit signature repent, and he is very gentle air very similar to that then here it is angel so they called his the food of angels we spread this dessert called biscuit but in everything it has the world that's a wonderful name the food of angels, and always Here, even when call delicious dishes well and somehow eaten with tasty and I
  • 04:30: I talk about what you will be the recipe today low-cal teach us to prepare to to the same number of calories as a result are summarized in 100 170 grams of calories but only because we are with you today We will not do just eat cake Angles will teach to you prepare such a muse Lemons cream we make of it a cake cool but It is also a low-calorie She even itself somehow calm for this pie I chose here so here is a form of
  • 05:00: holes in for to it quickly and well propoksya inside and she Teflon so as there is absolutely no no fat you a little can stick dough KSMU so use Here's a form of my recommendations but wait dear if I do not have a form all the food I ended angels I think that there is not but when over cake and so will cool, I'll show you need to do to his remove it from there if there is such a original shape not then use
  • 05:31: conventional split baking that can can be used the usual round shape better to the split it was quite simply here baking time control toothpick such air mixture that and test and call even language is not right turned not so much the amount of sugar This amount of protein but it is not very sweet It turns out this cake and very tasty eat with a variety of toppings very delicious with custard cream it recoat until It seems not very
  • 06:00: difficult principle nothing to do but the right to wear add it to oven for 45 minutes today our kitchen Tanya Litvinova reveals the secrets angel food so It called several Larin hey dessert that Now we are now prepare you Lemon Creams it is prepared in a water bath it consists of three eggs we put them in a bowl and will whisk with you because Tanya and what there under this bowl with
  • 06:30: eggs occurs in I have a little some water and warmed When we prepared that or in a water bath it is important to know that bumpers in bowls which you install the main ingredient should be slightly larger and higher than water tank so we were there she floated like that kept quite rightly so if you do not scoop spout that you have moisture will evaporate and so the overflow Now you can use here such a simple enough device or
  • 07:00: knife or fork's so here and put will come out moisture there and who knew that so you can do to be comfortable cook in a water bath which fellows mascara is very convenient and how much water you need add to it literally cup water will be enough and we need to fueled by our weight now we are going beating video why do not you just whisk eggs whisk eggs on water bath the egg is the main component of this cream and they are as
  • 07:31: heating they will thicken so sooner they will heat up more quickly we will make our Cream is the color for accelerate so to say but listen If you heat the eggs they can also they did not return curled because you see I have fluffed now he carefully stirring agate already all the time in this stirring depart this cream from any It should never be because it is very She loves to curl we added here 150 grams of sugar and no departing mix constantly and here
  • 08:00: Now that I drive a already I add here lemon juice because this lemon cream here we add the juice two lemons filtered through sieve gradually stirring so we diluted our here egg mass with sugar lemon juice and cream give we continue to thicken his stirring Tanya Lemon juice helps only taste or here for consistency cream it is also important Of course it is to taste we can do without lemon cream husband
  • 08:30: chocolate that lead instead of lemon Now I add a little vanilla extract or vanilla sugar that you have at hand and all the time, all the time stir and stirring up quite rightly we add here smart center here zest of 1 lemon since Cream the first time can not turn this little caveat if you see that you scream turned that appeared some extra pieces of the rind and enter at the end is already
  • 09:00: After you Strain through a sieve its because when you wipe through a sieve pieces they will remain in the peel sieve that is, we Stir in the water bath all this time cream until it thickens to the desired consistency perfect look scream This will not add to our too many calories in the few Lorraine them dessert 170 calories for the whole But if serving as compare chocolate chocolate bar in average kilocalories 600 and 700 comes Despite some milk or black and then all
  • 09:30: 170 visualize and delicious shade will angelic because this cake is called the food of angels, and that's I prepared for the first time my mom more adulthood when interested He studied in cooking English puddings I cooked lemon this is in the pudding we are now with you prepare and to adapt it to it's my mother's cake recipes so This is a cream pudding pudding, lemon cream he called in English is usually fall apart and placed in such here and put in a glass
  • 10:00: refrigerator serves his cold Listen so it turns out that we just two dishes to prepare fresh We change them in this one just yours invention but we obtained a torte with you today here is the moment when we see that our cream begins to thicken He is almost ready It was first foam this is how you Only foam begins leave this suggests is that it is time to Remove from heat how interesting consistency there eat thickens without any
  • 10:31: starch, or e.g. flour because egg yolks they played its function and at the end we introduce to you 50 grams of butter oil here oil not whisk it just to mix and our cream is ready you know a very useful dessert is actually for kids, these eggs butter and peel gives magic bridge flavor we give mixed it a little cool and in principle, we can it spread directly
  • 11:00: hot on our cake so the food of angels two parts in Court oven cream on the table but what to do next he still hold oven for at least 35 minutes so that We will not like to wait I always prepared cheese a little surprise our cake and have John has cooled ready-leading how interesting here if we now look in the oven it can be seen that oven baked in skin and it's so cool
  • 11:30: rose and air you have a little bit longer is settled and should it should be yes surely he as cooling will bit sets nothing wrong with it sits literally one or two centimeters in you but the air the texture will remain I just want to possible to him touch course it is now cool soft but such know quite elastic is unexpectedly because that's when some proteins when whisking and bake without this solid turns it is really like biscuit food of angels
  • 12:01: smells x for biscuit to you cool it faster just one hour This course can be cool if you do not much time you you can use any bottle that to plant it right so here on the bottle and it cools down faster as it will not contact you with the surface of the table little secret great help and for what kind of time then like this on bottle cool our literally one o'clock another great little nuance no need 2
  • 12:30: wood such here skewers when you will it take because your site absolutely no no fat no oil it can behave so that's where it and you can stick it will be difficult for you get out Of course if you have It will split mold no problems not but will Here our closed-end form and our course could somewhere appear like this here movements not neatly pushing too my family apologizes we do not spoil and
  • 13:00: it disconnect and do it when he using hot here So right now the tree we cut and so like our hot cream he quickly absorbed and can be will eat almost immediately see what it there is no snow-white yolks and he completely extraordinary delicate texture we lay on a dish and spreadable cream
  • 13:30: pudding, I would like to here to put a little blueberries and blueberry pour more cream inside so so that he, too, from the inside well soaked and in winter you can use canned berries or jam such as ice-cream to or frozen But when this here pie so what's the cake is course meal cake Angels ready if we We want to become perfect and we perfect ship in and the refrigerator until as it is there insists you you know you can leave
  • 14:00: it at night so quite literally him there two or three hours to this cream soaked You know to taste it as a biscuit but only very airy and easy and I was very warms it here low in calories because that we would cook low-cal delicious dessert and we it happened low calorie dessert food of angels is the whale and cake cream to cook cake us needed proteins
  • 14:30: eggs flour sugar lemon juice vanilla and a little salt to cooking cream Take sugar eggs lemon juice zest lemon and butter proteins with oil whip add sugar lemon juice and vanilla salt at the end neat portions stir protein flour mixture pour the batter into the pan and check out not to was air pockets bake oven preheated 180 degrees
  • 15:01: For 40 minutes 45 cream on the water bath whisk eggs add sugar and lemon juice and cook constantly stirring 10 minutes until the mixture is thick as sour cream remove from heat watch so that the cream does not formed lumps, add to oil and lemon give zest cream cool slightly in the baking cake rises carefully remove it from the oven and
  • 15:30: cool and room temperature special chopsticks separate the shape of the edges of the dough then gently cut the cake half abundantly grease and cream garnish with berries easy and delicious dessert food of angels ready to be a very well if you give he insisted in a refrigerator 2-3 hours low-cal delicious dessert food angels not spoil our stay in shape
  • 16:00: me at a party ahead many more interesting