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  • 00:00: time of day good shop signs and happiness offers your attention rite on the money that the ritual is on received money from any work is may be salary it can be any single work anyway if you We have considered all got some coin recommend hold this ritual it attracts increase tile material We work with or from
  • 00:30: the whole pack of you if We received the league the amount of any one you can be folded in the form of a pack, and It works both with all a bundle and choose bill one of the greatest denominations in principle more convenient work with one bills while you can Of course if you also like we recommend any
  • 01:00: monetary manipulation spend money on mats money very They love good referring to himself so it is we recommend to start here's the plan money they mat may differ in drawing in any case of recount money to spend Rituals on money even just to keep some mountain preferably on monetary mats it is also, I do two tangible wellbeing and for this ritual you You need red thread thread can be take 6 but also in our
  • 01:32: while natural virtually no so the components are not especially principle the main thing that she It was red as you need the knife blade can be taken but of course any very desirable get own our which you will work rituals so to perform the ritual he but very simple really very effectively we Measure out the length of the money red thread and 7 times every time we pronounce for anyone
  • 02:03: me money me luck me and you the goods of dachas me money me luck me all about your product from farther no money to me good luck me all about you and the product delivery me money me luck people are and you know something armies not children
  • 02:36: me luck for me you the goods does not surrender and children failure to me all of you product and delivery I setbacks me ago commodity become seven just do not cut the thread Here it should be long we have measured coupon and then thread necessarily
  • 03:06: cut knife and tie on the right hand it can be folded repeatedly It can be wound so only or wrap tight so that it enough and tie on the right arms of course it is possible
  • 03:36: but ask column at a certain training necessary manipulation you can spend independently harvested
  • 04:11: thread wear 7 days then cut and burn after last 7 days violence is not on hand nick is necessary cutting down and g observe equipment
  • 05:00: security and anneal hands