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DESIGN of FLOWER BEDS AND PLANTING OF FLOWERS by the HANDS. General principles and step-by-step management. - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:06: from Hello today I will teach you real flower beds design of course everyone wants to have to depart, he was the most beautiful that you We appreciated beautiful flowers but that is all
  • 00:32: looked as if the sign of skotinkoy glossy fashion magazine and it is not difficult to reach for that just need decorate your site for a reason and by the rules of landscape design and above all it concerns the flower registration site because the design is first of all that what evident This unusual design is the brightness of those items that distinguishes this section with all other
  • 01:00: any flower which decided the composition of which have decided to arrange and it is important if you or a new flower bed We need to be subject to the rules landscape design it was then and so there will sharpen most beautiful from which we will start surely we start Color is the most important thing that makes flower garden flower garden surely you have different plans
  • 01:31: reluctance idea about your future flower bed the benefits will be combined advisor then we hit Olya strength and stayte glossy magazines fathers Davos strikes removal beauty of flower beds of-way, and if you look closely look at these magazines certainly You will see that in fact too complex cosmetic colors you look closer that will Just flowers a secret that how they arranged the club Here is the most important
  • 02:00: but rather to you Let's go to the shop and properly acquired all of us your Sitnikov of course that's what you need to need it information nights I say goodbye to myself information you need and enough to then and decide how you organize Christmas holidays here are 5 Imagine a situation come into the store and then my eyes run bags with flowers and bags but we are willing to worse seedling rootstocks seedlings
  • 02:30: and such photos for borrowed bright everything seemed to invite to buy from me but definitely want to do that because it would be desirable to often was was beautiful as many colors as well the first desire that arises from All this is to buy everything at once everything beautiful about here as if there is another plot We parted and then begin to decompose plant so only when it begins to put some dangerous may face n but all I can say is that
  • 03:00: planting flowers usually occurs as a by the principle according to the pace Yes Dialed beautiful flowers every conceivable we planted here the place where they put there, or vodka and data or like this and let this one flower here this flower eats window Completed the whole news the aging of the flower beds along the way Here it is what causes that seems to be all the action on the color as it is not fiction but also ordinary flower beds so
  • 03:30: I try so much to buy as marginal plants but there is no reason it is all the factors Now you seem to have played, we have seen all the same people he is looking sled does not look the percentage of drug that's just this logical is that he percentage chaotic landing on no It causes the opposition criticism the magic word that makes regular agreement with comfort but if you and to choose the right plants and flow link their composition
  • 04:00: so this will be the result of what distinguishes risen removal expenses magazines she just sleeps passenger flower garden of it to so we will learn to act immediately rule but of course you first need to start shopping colors on the stove will not buy all at once Now you come to the store so there's a lot just beautiful but think about perhaps you want your flower garden among other things, as was the that he brought from spring to autumn
  • 04:30: the window in a smart decorative spring to autumn More desirable that such especial care be exerted what It happens once in this paper I want to but there are forgotten and missed my this It affects the decorative effect I b on the principle of increasing self so the first rule for beginners designers price of the plot is such that buying We need the most unpretentious flowers it does not mean that any elementary logic if you go to the store, Kim thought
  • 05:01: will see that the most common of saints calendula as well as United States it has 10 to 13 minute Russia knows and Yenisei respected but disposed of as medicament plant But not everyone knows that there is a beautiful and if so it is now established but more than 20 minute pieces that's for sure great knees was his body looks like and it looks like a birthday it is quite inimitable pink of course there
  • 05:30: also white I more This all new items and then if it points small flowers so the diameter of marigold flowers 606 9 centimeters may be profiled all this beauty and the flower grows, we actually like a weed of no need to explain anything except how to break off the answer the Minister for the season you can get from using them appointment of so surely in its refusal performing with such invest toyota flowers because while not having what it
  • 06:01: and there will these desires You will experience and skills you can already add more complex flowers but so far choose the most simple note this is now luxury tropical vegetation weeks usually marant vegetable Well, that's just a salad, why not be sure to include it and such the interesting thing is their design flower garden same waiting certainly lovato legrand very simple flowers
  • 06:30: also grow as high volume can be done curbs can be done emphasis mine design capacity so I got it, too, is also Anand but almost without us and that's but instead it was appropriate it behavior rarely a train whistle will not have to work united only demand so that she does not show Of course it is worth paying attention to a great day for the team red color is pink, even us
  • 07:01: Turkey family head various long before of what she wanted and beautiful I'm not talking about the action so there diverse varieties Thief kinds of colors it's just the eyes diverge hanging on sight for sore eyes so, too, marigolds By the way, many landscaper this autumn play marigolds ie the like are not sophisticated colors so the first rule designer and flower garden is to choose
  • 07:30: robust flowers that will please and the season that I did not It requires the owner of a large trouble because Beauty on the usual usually it means great care Here it is just an exception to this regulations but certainly not only annuals but perennials should present your flower beds and so say that Ukrainians because each has its own benefits annuals gives brightness rhythm and give want to go on holiday because one year you will put some
  • 08:00: second year other and there will be change, and so every year your combo does not seem on the previous version because annuals and brings here the change in the element in which the need however, they provide an element of annuals to the end of the constancy and begin to bloom very early and go and start very early when there little green little paint so they year spring is very They are fleeing from the Long because otherwise b
  • 08:30: cube was empty until a certain the time when there was some poison entered into its own you have annuals annuals together they provide here Katsyv constant change of image which is essential for a living flower beds and then they have a little less bright repair Cup it does not add to this colorful palette of nuances of certain costs very important but yet they are usually more powerful broad form clumps
  • 09:00: that is, they give a pictorial element so any club and about 40 percent storey Soskovets award cup and the rest the rest parts of interest percent must be annuals That's when your tweet will not I would be volatile unusual interest every season and will find and accounting new will be interesting looks it was the second it was the second principle and The third principle, pay attention to it is not visited by acquired rights books or perennials edition
  • 09:31: pay attention to the YMP is that when the these flower colors pay attention because a some flowers and bloom in the spring some colors it if it's true and there are those that bloom in the percentage of Spring is almost but do not touch very country from May till late very little to frost there are therefore to organize a rebellious color present continuous flowering
  • 10:02: You need me on the field