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  • 00:00: how to expose than good Russian bath Here is a question that is very good is that Russian bath is true remarkable eg judgment of our ancestors Now surrounded by tables is widespread at least before each farmer farmers had a bath on the law of the country because before all This part of the process forecast he walked in to the bath it is good Kirov regional committee disappeared altogether and Saransk is not stuck and why but what yes rival
  • 00:32: the temperature rises how these questions about the theft of what to do with CSKA who knows everyone knows about begin intensive shoot down absolute nonsense Tatars that it is not only the issue harmful thing why Temperature is an immune response organism that is, when even temperature so it seems immune human system to teach work head do not go there it is not necessary Nigerian pirates and why the temperature of the bot to the flow of the vast
  • 01:03: some of which the majority pathogens are killed at temperature above 34 degrees 36 if our body burns experience Emperor 43 41 almost all the sores of vodka and 500 decline dies In this respect it is good than Obama It also helps beaton shaky on another when in the company and the couple wrote Poland body temperature due to the you sheltered warm up and thus from Cyprus Poland high
  • 01:33: temperature and kill the infection is very Health is not flew medication nothing and then, and so on is the same as an hour of annual interest influenza autumn the red light and then years Ryabchuk away from n100 is the best means of percentage Simple means garlic if a person will have two peregrine week delaying glass overwhelming case did not fall ill
  • 02:06: because there is nothing better than destruction CHP does not exist but the Messiah it is not profitable how much is 26 cancer and states have come up with a cure called dwarfs ie extract of garlic Packing pills instead take 1,000 times no fee for this tablet question but why take the hood if you can take a course that is not the
  • 02:37: that rub Pareja smell new This is not to say it was the worst misfires that if you live in say Ottawa usually like a little bit of art and lily parsley smell something very quickly kill each even this did not recognize reject but then we heard a lot floors with at least the image of a job he article then pass goes Baku APA increased last union that was still
  • 03:07: He hears nothing why and does not know where and here they are working gates in which the team works on the site that's all