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  • 00:00: from athlete ps Valuev he in the air June 18th
  • 00:30: nevertheless not less important I do not know your opinion Alexander Prime Minister Dynamo 0 0 I do not even know in future but not the only m a year after the last action
  • 01:00: Centre focus we know fund business m According to Putin
  • 01:33: earlier in g he on June 24 it will give an opportunity to help all the wealth of this concerned a full cities all central road All potential recipients police custody and they all infection steel They put the court was prevented go well society secretariat Skoropadskyi
  • 02:05: and that's 45 agencies and tobacco excellence and they will wait period said no scientist books journals on the one hand and she in Moscow men not to be named m 4
  • 02:37: contribution consolidated police had the analyst was not and is not a person beds were people Ukrainians But that said 7 the middle class in this communication culture that goal in April 1100 until it is so idle of the month that there will be no reason for anything of the year they got me they go to seek at least such a thing because Vladivostok
  • 03:08: that they feel in the mine m jeep pc I go next time striptease she is These tents programs from
  • 03:47: before the gate generally and he said that one or another way to view from UAH of the proximity of the ENP region there a the prosecutor's office in Voronezh
  • 04:20: must 2 2 she is Vladimirovna spread we will not m knowledge We do not engage in g cost of all of them Lows recall the MOE
  • 04:51: I do not know need to deal with it means that It corresponds to reality Garner shovels Laboratory yard hockey school but communication with the authorities and all all that help desk at the request of the roof 4 why then said that should very well path to if his cause, he said later, Klochkovskaya nobody will communicate the scanner party
  • 05:21: January of them turn away stop radianz version of the hospital such as plaintiff complications what a failure to save list special operation in general and the profit tales According to livestock Parents ie this post do not fly the asteroid does it is very interesting to me the child can not for the sake of fronts response to a replica of the certificate
  • 05:53: but do not stop not can not be changed causing decided warehouses with them will God that the first document of a non-human Satan is a push then abruptly that any spravochka any the document will only be from it is inhuman document he explained concerning times like these so that people will be accepted and that's all documentation
  • 06:24: before this last-minute putin this scheme sun microsystems in fact he said that chip has long been secretly from parents in Some children Moscow cathedral volumes casts cat and parents also do not understand why a difficult child want It practiced secret for a long time and when it will put everything we humans then as I understand Slovak
  • 06:54: go cease to be individuals a gap of a man the price of gasoline with the launch of pointless at the moment the prices It was not connected It was never able to value within ten I do not need Region Employment Center Stand within which will be calculated
  • 07:26: that a person has the right to PRIME TASS ITAR-TASS price percent she called the creation of session in each a m earlier unemployment is now from
  • 07:56: in childhood people but that's just a at m a second service in Kharkiv third Armenia
  • 08:35: e this this is the last time Astana and talked paraphernalia km no cm cm racer
  • 09:08: later Sorochinsk for Vekselberg actually Onishchenko at this time will not be as modern achievements per night the disc weekend the only thing that will try them products For existing business license in the clinic emphasize later failed because under No. Lenin and
  • 09:39: provide to acquire and so can bodies children It continues to have confirmed motion confirmed all efforts recall in November the 3rd of November Ministry of Finance less than an hour
  • 10:10: in April 2010 punishment applicants e communication e e in the day of wrath h another innovation
  • 10:40: what do you think in the normal mode great statement bank a little bit later for $ 270 must sect June 18th P in June
  • 11:10: women on the eve units P I do not need money 2011 the store and m
  • 11:53: 2 3 m positively and the composition of such a person is no means
  • 12:23: Five people will catch the word clock it was her Error in the police State it and Armenian police one person so they will be just the same would score consequently h diary train in fourth aviation hub previously authorized by the Ministry of Health will not change very little as revised by the Senate
  • 12:53: daily ropes are proof Chernovetsky set reality Stars so farmers in the full game hand the State Duma Attention City break game birthday m remember boxer
  • 13:26: theft orchestra in g percent m previously
  • 13:57: he such a mistake in the text SA he came pieces or for example 30 fabulous So the world the last five years it is impossible that this is Satan's world and it is from him to answer, and that God no no discounts The Fed also negatively soul nerves found Beauty domination at
  • 14:28: the percentage of hours I think it is not necessary unprofitable Roubini is not know at least at the moment of the explosion in building nothing to hide times As previously reported the prosecutor's office moreover difficult Rostov region