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  • 00:00: Good day today we will prepare a casserole of cabbage light meal all ingredients there are always cabbage and even I cut short piece on soup and Here is what I it use so that proceed to preparation of this casseroles she need cabbage and eggs at baking powder tea
  • 00:30: spoon couple tablespoons starch flour as several life hacking sour cream mayonnaise dill garlic salt pepper cabbage shreds who as you can with a knife I have such a girl cabbage finely chop and now I will plant weighed in I got 200
  • 01:04: gram to make Fill cabbage going take 2 tablespoons mayonnaise two tablespoons sour cream mix
  • 01:37: add two 2 tablespoons flour tablespoons starch half a spoon straighten knead again add Kapustin
  • 02:10: hook necessarily clove of garlic poured She folded the hook Now I have a form glass genre scientific and grease vegetable oil add peppers to
  • 02:40: feeling Mix everything with dill and garlic I add for our fork right in cabbage and stirred watered form all screed our top casserole
  • 03:15: We spoke at the expense of oven I had to Summer will bake until golden good tell friends how much time casserole ready Peklo five passions degrees 220 minutes because myagenkaya hot even then I do not will solve casserole ready
  • 03:46: propeklas smells delicious visit my channel cook with me eat with happy all Bon Appetit and until we meet again on my channel here zapekanochka ready taste delicious petite Regan cues