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  • 00:00: today offer make without yeast puff pastry per kilogram of finished test, we need 250 milliliters of water room temperature 500 grams of flour 75 grams butter melted and cooled down and the water room one temperature
  • 00:30: teaspoonful salt and juice of half a lemon which is slightly less than tablespoon lemon juice and actually all we dissolve the salt in and a mix and We try to whole salt 10 as a It melted the better wait a bit than to one we will help
  • 01:00: Two hundred as salt melted add here citric acid it helps the dough be more elastic butter in the dough It helps to that the layers do not flow dried up and there is no and then crumbled all very quickly and contrary to popular I
  • 01:30: to quite simply where First sift the flour it is necessary to sift flour necessarily and immediately add flour prepared by our
  • 02:02: the mixture begins kneading the dough knead painstakingly long it the dough is not necessary just a couple of triple minutes to have us Asya soaked flour dough gathered a lump in one lump it all we here it is necessary to coffin
  • 02:35: rough from lumps and seemingly scary but it's ugly exactly what we because if you need to we diligently and long vymeshivat our dough in a result we have it get clogged and very rude and for To these layers that will we there were the finest also here this tender kneading well enough then we We do the test smart brisk cut cross to it's easier
  • 03:05: roll and to batter us nevertheless became more uniform and uniform and to fats in it froze for at least half an hour remove the refrigerator while we the fridge It cools the first part test we finish the second part is It consists in principle of small amount of flour for Topping and 300 grams oil for a total of this dough out nearly 400 grams
  • 03:35: three hundred twenty five that if not exactly 300 325i 75 in the test here all general very easy to us need to do briketik oil layer very desirable even in their thickness cold butter take baking paper prisypaya flour
  • 04:06: quite generously because which in principle can be right in the very oil put a little gram flour but grams 50 even this is probably many spread butter rectangle about 15 18 to 20 that can be about
  • 04:36: I wrap scout I folded here so he already almost exactly I immediately turned away about a the amount of which is a I want to get a 2 and using oil slightly softens and then we'll roll for make it uniform layer lyagla even apologize possible through the cops spirit and less
  • 05:06: remora all here add flour and rolling pin uniform layer a cake with us you get it too We should be for 15-20 minutes clean refrigerator
  • 05:37: rolling pin to rolling remove also that it is in our too, it was cold test our cooled even apparently she is tired much smoother than you have it cleaned gradually after our many rolling it generally turn into perfectly smooth so that we did very well that did not torture him kneading
  • 06:07: pour the flour on cutting surface and cold rolling pin We begin to roll out our petals leaves the center much more plump and peals Now in the center
  • 06:49: spread the rest training and our petals I cover dough we here
  • 07:21: turns to overlaps it so we seredinku on the side which under oil left not just rolled over large for that they in result after here these overlaps on width about and equaled the top Bottom part We obtained in a result of about equal thickness that it is in our This test 2 layers
  • 07:51: upper and lower Now to make it easier was rolled again walking surface I come to what I little sprinkle even flour rolling pin with flour and this is the dough from the middle to the edges we need roll we should get the width
  • 08:23: about 1 centimeter We make sure to one side not Take your time with the other hand try do it quickly to have no oil much time to heat laminating the dough always in direction We try all these Now the corners were at on
  • 08:53: neither side hand outstretched make it more less even remember it is not dough control us and we therefore dough nothing to fear We should be unrolled before one state centimeter mentally look divide into three parts and collect our dough one third add up the center of all the excess flour and tidy Cover with the other
  • 09:25: side third test Again, all the excess vape remove be sure to test not his prodavlivaya simply envisage that We had one Unrolling do a slight indentation all we need is to here such here He said there were five all we're doing 5 Rosstat every time after and once we neatly I wrap that I have chosen one
  • 10:07: I cover with a towel together with a rolling pin on which will tell directly on the board and remove minutes twenty-fridge no more staccato dough last she again rasplela here I one two three four
  • 10:37: mark Table I again floured He became like us 2 comes the most 5 responsible after rolling which our test 486 will be between layers rolled by each or I was cleaning the dough into 20 minutes in a refrigerator
  • 11:07: give him rest and cool after As we rolled 5 last again yet one-third We do add up all the same thing that made every time the excess flour tidy in general that Our dough is ready, we he should at least 2:00 Again clean refrigerator if we want cook out of it Today our dough and all rovnenko beautiful and better
  • 11:37: remove the dough in it refrigerator for 8 hours or at night then I This dough is rolled out Only just somewhere the width of the already half centimeter more rarely into three parts and each part can be then make a closed pie or cake or quiet if you type cakes roses it out each of the third part It can be made 6 cakes or 9 pies with such
  • 12:08: filling type with both meat can be done from one part cake cake millefeuille pastry in Generally all you I want every part pave food film or paper baking and already quietly this dough It may be somewhat months stored in freezer Basically once case and at least 3 ready Skog its menu enough and I wish you successful baking and bon appetit necessarily try to make puff pastry house themselves is not so difficult
  • 12:39: as a result, and please not only you but close