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  • 00:00: Now I will tell you how tie that's the same a cap on the knitting car Here is a sample I already linked that person hats but Unfortunately, you will be convenient I understand if I do it and keep the village seamy side to the imagine why because that the product hangs on car like this here way all action which I produced will
  • 00:30: and to do based on the inside out means here this first tower first ear but it consists of 5 32 then goes on occipital part occipital part 22 hinges on The following eye 33 and here it's forehead is 34 loop how we we do now
  • 01:01: connect the cap here is the seam completely inconspicuous that I show later cheap here odnushka here another fly that's the way happened here such Now after the cap as I do here the seam inconspicuous I'm here this loop
  • 01:32: I gather'll connect all Now they have one I opened and spare strings that it does not budded when you keep the product it is desirable to to steam to you Loop will not and fled to here this seam was knit convenient means I knitting a dial you empty needles put forward
  • 02:03: in the operating position Now they inoperative position Now I have them I remove in position I Advances in work 50 fortieth fiftieth needle 51 by the needle loops 6 6 + 6 here in this place 12 loops and hence
  • 02:39: I begin to do drawing Now I will turn obverse country so you clear here begins to diverge Picture in picture involves three loops Now here these are the three just at the beginning of the loop I figure they are all six involved when we give Now up to this point I Section 6 will remain in Figure and these loops will have to the addition means
  • 03:10: to thereby the first row of the first 2 a number we were binding We do not include counter after we tied Here's the 2 rows here Now these 2 rows as if on the basis of include counter to 0 0 and 1 if we assume 0 after we 3
  • 03:41: loop these six 6 loops rather be diverge on the 1 st the blood / different sides Now I'll start and abalone it will be clear as to whether it means business when we reach Nushki 52 But in a number of tabs the beginning to the end of the 52 series then we here will already have
  • 04:11: needle 32 cover know 6 8 10 12 416 1726 6 we had 46,246 have 2 4 6 8 10 16 single hand we break 16, on the other hand August 10 12 14 16 Now you will understand why I it's the beginning of a
  • 04:41: that with these needles then the spoon 32 32 hinges on us we will continue gain how to type I'll show you later just I'll tell you principle as we we come here at us 6041 1061
  • 05:18: and here we also 61 will mean Okushko 32 hinges on us We recruit on his head head 22 basic loop 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 Loop then when we naberom 22 we are here this loop part leave to set in inoperative position I
  • 05:48: just show yet How to put put in the rest position ie needles erected until the end the race and the upper and the same relevant tenderer to end at Here is where the carriage I would stand on bukovki and we swap on already Now this flick we
  • 06:18: swap is our partial knitting for top Fontoura but These levers are saying Here are a pair of cup I go down comfortably descend the it off the position for the bottom needles so These needles they will but linked to knit my on them will not Spock will knit second ear that is it is we
  • 06:49: this proposal then we lugs We shall find here averages 6 too broad of our needles so two or four or six or eight or ten These 2 4 6 8 10 11 Here we will also 6 shelves and we will gradually as it is too in the same way as ice This eye is the eye too we will be drawing expand and thus
  • 07:20: way we will increase loop when sea way when we are drawing but expanded we add a loop we continue to will continue continue through 4 a number that's up here this point in every second row and after that point Every fourth row that was 16 plus 16 and so we we about to substitute Five see here these projections I prepend loops But in this case,
  • 07:50: quietly where we because we added under this place in the middle we expanded drawing and we and expanded loop when we all expanded we have to substitute loop to get thirty-two needles therefore we continue to we get tied up a gun two or four or six or eight or ten me 4 16 18 20 24 26 28-32 ear when we tied
  • 08:20: 32 abalone we start byte knit that's the part I deliberately here He tied it with another viscous here here so it will be 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 it will be 30 rows Here is mated melted floor commanded by car It looks so mean
  • 08:51: this is my return so everything still looks Igor these positions in the normal position and only Now the average Now this I mean key here son basically from nothing we scared it here and we put forward here in this case right will race tion of the loop without up and with a Fontoura the left will
  • 09:22: father but not with mounting the thus it turns out that's a Here elongated loop nice and inside out she looks like in this way it is here and not so well smooth see the difference here are 30 rows we we knit knit this one Here abalone site neck cat 30 rows bound then we came here to this provision is
  • 09:53: is again inside We return we got I would be here in this same place we begins his forehead on forehead have loops 34 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 34 Now we've got 61 needle 61 0 and here we have 50 59 but there are two loops
  • 10:26: I add to the seam here whether 2 facial excess they do not extra they will have them have your CA and when we will connect two edge of those two eyelets they will go into the seam therefore superfluous nothing left all the loops converge one to one Now I start now Now I will prepare and show how to tie
  • 10:57: first eyelet