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Closing of loops through pegs - an interesting way. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: this is Diana Sullivan in Austin Texas, and I'm coming soon beginning knitting lessons. I'm trying to get really close in to the needles on thisbulky machine so that I can demonstrate a latch tool bind off. This is a very common bind-off for machine knitters, and it gives a good finished edge that looks pretty nice. It's not very hard to do, and it'snot too time-consuming. I began by bringing all the needles all the way out to E position using the needle pusher.
  • 00:33: I unthreaded the yarn, and it's running vertically up to the upper tension unit. So, this is the set-up. This can be done in either direction.This can be done for all the stitches or just a few. So that's one of the nice things about this bind-off. I am going to go, in this case case from right to left. It can be done ineither direction. You could be right or left handed and it would work just same way.Basically, this is the latch tool. I'm going to
  • 01:03: lift the needle a little bit. Get the latch tool inside the loop, push it all the way in, bring this yarn around this protruding gate peg I used the gate pegs to space out thestitches and give a good tension to this bind-off.Then, pull the yarn down through the loop. then lift the next needle go in, and knit through the yarn again lift the next needle, bring the yarn through again the next needle
  • 01:38: I just find that lifting the needle alittle bit results in a longer loop, and it's a little easierfor me to get the tool in. For this sample, I'm going to do this allthe way across, which will make it easy to take it off
  • 02:08: and hold it in front of the camera so that you can see the front and back sides of this bind-off. On the purl side, this bind-off appears to be a chain. On the knit side, this bind-off appears to be stitch, a little horizontal thread running from loop to loop to loop almostlike you back stitched across with a needle.
  • 02:40: because I'm going around the gate pegs, when I pullthis off the needles it's still going to be stuck on the machine You'll see that I have to lift it off the gate pegs as well as get the needles out. This ismy last stitch. I finished the last stitch by cutting the yarn. Then using the latch tool to grab the yard I just cut and pull itthrough
  • 03:10: so now I have bound off all the way across. These needles are allthe way out in E position. I'm going to push them backusing this needle pushing tool. Then, I'm just going to lift them upoff the gate pegs. Now, this shows the bind-off from the wrong side. There's a littlechain running from stitch to stitch to stitch. Onthe right side, the bind off looks a little bit morelike
  • 03:43: a thread running from stitch to stitch.So, that is the latch tool bind off.