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What to replace an overlok 2 with: the pad is regional, a pad with a lateral knife \/ What to replace overlock with 2 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: a manufacturers clothing equipment not share the view professional designer about what Adair Now it is impossible to replace this video, we consider two two devices adhesive foot seams alternative avi hand try to start to make some
  • 00:30: lines using special edge foot you So and now the same lines performed using foot with lateral knife Now this knife and take off foot that we we start standing fork new tabs
  • 01:01: behind and we kept and the very foot summing at the right place Rigla driver and it can be omitted sew to sew-per-watt and side ozone needed to perform at overcast sections cut the length of the order two centimeters make fabric cut straight pay under the knife
  • 01:33: I make note the fabric is not as despicable actually over one party cut me right theft by surprise and the other on the left after This tab can be not lower overstep the shekel on instruction It does not recommend enjoy this
  • 02:03: paw at full throttle low speed or the environment according to of fabric thickness this the completion of the look what we what happened here I did a normal
  • 02:34: edge of the battle right there sections previously Xia very clipped smooth that was not fastened this delayed me It works as you know for overlock such suspension and should be and and at least in some places I pumping and missed So they all have seen here are normal Zigzag the dirtiest
  • 03:06: shock and what turned in foot with which side cutter's bolted disc knife new zero and yet least you can see for yourself for the exam, we the people strings are not cut Besides this can not be a knife work quickly big foot the clumsy
  • 03:37: dinner general to not me but liked line or days and you You will decide for itself and if you ask me I believe that manufacturer simply play too long and zalakiruem. till