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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends are in touch with you Claudia Root and Today we will cook adjika here with me three kilograms tomato 1 kilogram sweet pepper 1 kilogram of apples alone kg carrots 6 Pilchen bitter but you can take three dill a bunch of parsley bunch it's me now clear something and everything twist twice to the meat grinder of his
  • 00:30: deliver 1 hour and then we add more 200 grams of garlic cleared also through meat grinder 150 grams sugar 150 grams of butter and 150 grams of nine percent vinegar salt to taste well about a quarter glasses are obtained another option for 10 minutes and roll up sterile cans his already adzhika
  • 01:03: I did not boil it for hours an hour and a half I cook it and now I'm adding two tablespoons salt 150 grams of sugar 200 gram of garlic 150 grams of butter me odorous unrefined 150 a gram of vinegar of nine
  • 01:33: percentage now I pro pro about 10 minutes and I roll banks I already have banks sterile are in I like the usual oven they washed drinking soda is good rinsed the oven and heated to 150 degrees and turned off the banks nature and now passed ten minutes I will lay a jar
  • 02:05: hot immediately hot i'm rolling so we have a very gentle turns out odessa and here our adjika is already closed it was cooked
  • 02:35: with the lid open pleasant appetite and good luck to you cooking with pleasure please your relatives