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  • 00:00: attribution Patricia sparkles can read a bit a course to reduce although as mr. Dorn then you move a butcher yeah I wish it was worth 30 the waited with a great tip over time cities do it abroad to America this modified transformer is the Holy Spirit Oscar motor yourself Nashua is optional check out how this potential mortgage countryman you know very good about Bush in a previous project readership rector Canyon McCartney's Forza Italia was a Gravano peachy star transpose cornet was
  • 00:31: for matter yes puzzle of a new expect read like a cue cup size - Courtney - jeez Sylvania Prescott wash no internal source man Parata is was nominated to I will sheet metal National Trust our motor control of a bishop raised with wish bazooka androgyny dusted a toast boobage actually repossessed encanta monastery shemitah was to play metal forgettin not reduce a yo new noggin moon officials say she needs a difficulty or traditional abroad as medicinal transfer mater religious to
  • 01:02: source measure what we missed is absurd to script lady with emotions division I drove could process the same abortion Romania do the unrestricted process was push blogger - mas mas por su smoke on is would be man easily transfer a motor not be chasing donors here's a dose cooker up mode con transfer matter here's my chest let the traditional mode comes in neo scenario serenity potential prodigy and years not
  • 01:33: very traditional modern apology for you in your public if solutions the only form of limiting this transformer has the middle coil is junk and it all comes out then you get the secondary coil additional communion is not buy from you yeah what's prestigious cramming did you know Oh a rubber hammer until the winding is free it's got pretty beat up but that's okay because luckily I don't need which is a works great crochet idea for stability since ignition work release nuclear is terrible money
  • 02:03: stores were medium DHS to e II got over very toss-up original book insulated copper wire it needs to be replaced gently to avoid damaging it or scraping wires mm crowd murmurs like another rapport machine okay you know immoral costume so now we can add a secondary winding made from this thick to gauge copper cable nippers whoever Kadesh Pro - Walsman Arabic some ability to go to junior pretty Oh Kevin goes through in your war is through Bratislava near
  • 02:34: Midna nakanishi nah yeah she would avoid me Oh submission material is a new rule right so with the cable bent in half I can move it up next to the transformer and I teach nice that way suitable programs live in consultation like a modicum couldn't be any bigger variation I'm pulling one end of the cable back around the transformer and I decided to switch the positions of these two so that it forms more of an ascending coil now I compress the other side into place and secondary coil is wrapped as easy as
  • 03:05: that mrs. plasini shock especially peak millinium swati creation shoberg wait what synopsis but it was polished box even smaller make it work both the components get mixed equally then I'll add to lose all the exposed surfaces at the top short arms cannot remove jiske we're wrong UN turns out my bench vise how the cameras are different the entire assembly and after double checking the alignment on the connection cinch it up tight I'm adding the leftover glue to the gaps on the edges and everything is looking as expected so that could be
  • 03:35: left to set mr. slap usually national across the mountain in the two coils get this we are sort of sharp or other rip off the bench test the device and carefully looking Clips dystocia yeah Patricia Parisian Alberto professional Catania e-pass Madrid stone us on a fish but neither Picasa will forward instead of putting out one hook up you're getting with insult ampere still more episodes about a product with us
  • 04:06: iris wait till she's giving it metal melts because it's not you could create a better school we should've cause you're not sure why you have these miracles not one yeah to get started you should do some transformers Kapoor resurrection he's got two inches I found a 6-foot piece of one by six common board that will be perfect for this using my chop saw cut two pieces of the board so that they're both twelve inches long then another piece gets cut at 42 inches I'm trimming this piece down with my table saw so that it's about a quarter inch wider than the transformer base and in this case that
  • 04:37: measures out at four and a half inches then it gets chopped into three different lengths measuring 20 boomers coffee assemblers he's got two each so I - negligent like a medium functioning Italia you smoke dreams must go to cuts parishioner nación shows which is good trust me everything could be placed together to see how it fits missionaries I hate okra we buy them yeah boom devouring we have work to use and routed the appropriate edges to give it a smoother feel these front pieces are gonna be my electrode holders there's
  • 05:07: some nearly pretty more goodies it is for the warm Dion Stavros degree angle into the top yeah oh yeah we're gonna I produce uterus for use on orbitals by doing a bench vise and a jigsaw to cut this piece out can it work you'll see what this groove is for in a bit reshma understand yeah as my vice appreciation thirtieth away it was pollution three in your corners can you get back in there with my jigsaw warrior competition holes will be for a switch and a power cord and all this panel needs now are two pilot holes drilled in
  • 05:38: the appropriate places for the switch a rebel dubiousness e ba crosswalk then laid out for priming and painting for colors I'm thinking black America decision is pretty penny reporter yeah that was you're pretty sure I got bigger one more picture to see all the amazing things that I got from that project for sure will come in my video on salvaging my finger checkers trashcan I'm going to use the power cord these wired Spade connector the door handle and this contact switch aside from the wood the only parts I
  • 06:09: needed to buy were a single purpose would be to use okay get back up or offset turn off we have no mother yup we give it to small nails swatter standard six gates solid copper wire the copper wire gets marked off in one inch increments and two pieces are cut off using the wire cutter on my pliers these are going to work as my welding tips the copper lugs have an adjuster with a cookie before Rina when it's tightened back gorgeous the wood panels is dry and I've added from
  • 06:39: speaker back panel to make sure it fits so the next step is to flip it over and press the power cord down into the hole at the bottom the thick piece at the end of the cord prevents it from pulling back through the hole I'm ready to pieces back together so I'm drilling a couple of pilot holes into the bottom and securing the back panel with a couple of screws now the front 2x2 supports are added and the metal melter is placed on the base about inch back from the supports all out of screw to one of the corners come on boy I'm ready yeah go system this is La Crosse Hungerford excuse me yep in the plastic
  • 07:12: to expose the barre chord this will wrap around the ground zero yawanawa Chetan II the wire has a hole somebody is on people for spider down into the opposite corner of the transformer base not only does this secure the metal melter in place it also grounds out differences in vineya yeah Cheryl's the connector McGuire that'll get being the bottom of the power switch and Stroke apparently Kasab Spade connector still fits onto one of the Transformers primary terminals so with that on the other end
  • 07:42: of the wire can be connected to the top terminal of the power switch now the switch can be screwed Davis creature positive pole cover popular electric a little boy to make it look nice yeah okay cherry new couch at your local ah cool hi recoil was no question yeah I was over on Macomber beachy this switch still has the original and connectors from the microwave and I've just added a wrap of electrical tape to make sure I don't get shocked while touching it I'll strip the end of the white wire and twist it together with the other light wire coming off the
  • 08:12: primary then use a wire nut to cover the connection now the black wire is joined with the white wire coming from the power cable mr. Pishko shestakova yes grip with your recall screwing in tagalog we all ghost we do something wanna pick up it seems this without any problem alright with the cables laying out the front it's time to close up the side panels I'm doing good for uncle Phil's work with our sensations on each panel to make sure it's held securely the next step is to construct these electrode holders yeah buster you lost
  • 08:42: yours too to drill a hole into both tips of the two by twos which you can see got painted yellow the hole is big enough to prevent the wood from splitting when these screws go in yet small enough to hold them in secure this is the top piece and I'm gonna add a switch huh yep Oscar ooh do out years to get somebody initiating the other shoes work are more critical is already in the switch now the two beams can be slid into the front of the casing with one under the wire and the other over top to secure them in place I'm using some scrap wood to keep them an equal distance apart as I drill
  • 09:13: a hole through the side of the casing and into the beam I've pushed a nail into the hole and now you can see this top piece is able to pivot freely it should be obvious now why we needed your the clear version ecclesia the bottom not corporations of all no top side to be Kenya forgive mr. Morgan boom CIT was pollute ideas yeah but you must enjoy the great side cable that gets tightened securely into our pilot hole and all that gets repeated on the top the misalignments can be fixed by bending
  • 09:44: the lugs slightly inward and now we've got perfect contact to finish this off I'd like a way for the top beam to stay suspended on its own so to address the challenge I'll add a couple of screws and a thick rubber band the system is finished my very own spot welder and for less than $10 and materials let's see if it works power cord plugs in and with the electrode tips touching I'll press the button to engage but nothing's happening that's because the safety smart tiny runner for checking the voice for measuring a hole on the system could
  • 10:14: trammel problem you should see the Hiab spark right dude I don't have any little handy boy we do need washers for my screen door she wore holds them in place yes we are done with the system and you students of course developer from your book tears ready dear great whose opinion attrition understood I need ocean oxygen is the brutal ice already broken or was melting a washer to this steel spike trying to break them apart by hand was a fruitless effort written universe was proposal suppose caboose
  • 10:45: and e-version program with poachers yeah the works we know Papa feature I really like about this design is that the electrician also be mrs. moon allowing these remote corner she knows they the first to flourish nucleation mores Mycenae go back yes he is poured through purpose to take my stuff them back in place is a little wiggle and the replacement of the locking nails the elastic band is easy to replace and it's doing a great job providing back tension after I make a connection yep orthoses willyblog way there misty you need to lower and since the he was
  • 11:16: concentrated in the center it didn't burn my fingers our story years ago because i'm not a square is evident in the way the iron more contaminants now trust automata okay the nail melts down into a little ball of liquid metal when it's time to replace the electrode tips just loosen the tensioner remove yes one resuming star david cross my most requested did we do it Aswad remove dear I mean you forget about more we give them