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  • 00:00: Genghis Khan and the recipe the recipe is written it was that Genghis Khan there was no time to heal soldiers because there was a horde, and usually always a large mass of people with someone that what the there is a general if you ask than any vet also suffer from what animals you the vet will tell of parasites and so to they are human treated exactly as well as animals people get sick
  • 00:31: from the presence parasites and most It was simply a means treatment is needed to swallow cup finely minced garlic that is, do not swallow eat that is cut and still on the east there such treatments in Tibet when our monks come to them also offers drink a glass glass and swallow here it finely ground garlic spoon in mouth washes down or sour milk
  • 01:02: or just milk or juice with pulp take prune juice or take a tomato juice anyway if liver hence weakened tomato juice not desirable to take but with Kislyak easily have Our doctors are tried to drag the results were very Well, that's interesting especially when Patients come here I was once even such a case has come a patient Koreans
  • 01:32: nationality but long ago he's a Russified We was treated somewhere in October and here February came and He said to me once suitable says asanas Timofeitch you that They hoisted me on I let my therapy what the point is so now I have I was treated like everything was fine and now look opens and he pimples on the solid coal body you Look how far have reached and say what I feed on than take than anything that his wife
  • 02:02: cook it in you who she is Russian and so here's the first task cup garlic eat no questions I eat, I was just swallowing if you can not chew face eat then hit the heart of pancreas main thing to even the juice was not you need to put dry try to chop so that was less juice and spoon drinking on the night and again why because we are all among the people
  • 02:33: to us did not smell if you believe swallow no smell if the face will ete smell all day so he drank the Garlic is a glass Thursday was the topic we We met with him and on Monday he It comes to you as eyes and starts and I say wait gathered all my therapists who were I not engaged I say what you tell them and when he started tell that from He came out and after imagine until this Garlic is on the entrails all band
  • 03:03: flat will talk round worms, small large head of hair there that just do not have all that catches scraped the only way spade and here bunch of parsley not work for Unfortunately, there is no should be enough here composition start garlic partially digested partially then digested we spent since we have
  • 03:33: equipment we spent study and began with the fact that for some term We decide both on the head garlic that is taken head of garlic Chinese really such sharp so we and began to cut into the night on the head and here It means a time interesting initially when We worked as a doctor Tatiana my skin on a team outdoor microscope She said such santamo Well, you can fetch a
  • 04:03: of course you can your blood look I can take it He says that's your I'll be all blood show patients as a model for well if you I like to show then what I mean spend the experiment Each day begins swallow for this garlic head a week later I decided watch as he Access the I always all doctors I decided to leave in the evening I took in his blood under
  • 04:33: microscope I looked my mother dear here in this This blood is thrown I've got the blood the worst was the blood of the there is such bacterial background larval background higher fungi appeared in the blood which was not where Well, I think okay I will continue to drink again the whole thing there may be again I keep still a week later it turns out that this interesting first schedule
  • 05:03: it turns out that body begins be satisfied that there is that is present in the garlic obviously there apparently strong some fragments body really starts to smell but not every mouth and the body begins but you do not feel to It feels surrounding and then it turns out It comes comes another interesting the time when a large number of these forced out of their muscles because we Imagine muscle a large number of
  • 05:34: parasite larvae mushrooms what is there not the lymphatic system and that's when but we began to take if we put leech and start Rank safe house there api secret address flows from there lymph painted blood we take this and under microscope and what we we are seeing We are seeing great number of all that is squeezed out of muscles of tissue that is it extruded and the lymphatic system and in the blood and and in lymphatic system, these viruses
  • 06:04: and fungi in more than Blood that's well over a certain period then I again I looked and it turned out that comes first the maximum emission then there is less less than less than less than fewer turns what to human lead in compliance need somewhere around the month drink here on this head and then body cleaned and internal state it becomes another have for your life, we collect sufficient the amount of drag
  • 06:34: the output of all of these parasites and chew effect something completely different and yes there is the amount you can eat it still this the load on the system and here you need all