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  • 00:00: today we but do muffins believe me this recipe you will not find in any cookbook Book at this time we use our highly technically backyard and a bucket with banks out of soda to make the party metal cookie jars melting from a soda let's begin with we'll get our name melting that made in other video and a large bag coal briquettes similar to those that used to barbecue because This is when they back braces
  • 00:31: evenly distributed at the bottom you can add a crucible like this made of steel I extinguisher found that if put on Tegel coal layer will banks melting faster now join our steel tube through holes air supply so we can create temperature sufficient for melting but we still you need to find a way to drive air into the we can trust our lungs but better to use hair dryer which can be buy any shop now I I connect a piece of fence pvc tube and I use 2 clutch 3 cm to
  • 01:01: join one the steel tube and on the other ease disconnecting the dryer so the entire structure is very easy to disassemble and placed in 20 liter bucket blower It is under the strategically important angle does not hurt to support it She did not move as you store wall safe and much increase the service life foundry now when foundry ready fill it up to the top coal and breathe in coal life just like you doing during BBQ and I I prefer about by new burner because it heats all very quickly coals
  • 01:31: so let's burn including a hair dryer on a low power on and let embers steady jet oxygen to both should all warm as you can see made We cover keeps heat and temperature growing and most cool is that and an opening in the crucible center of the cover exactly not adjusted well We will procrastinate and Take our banks such as these and tool thanks that treatment foundry becomes possible steel forceps after ten minutes as you can see just melting
  • 02:01: piping hot but as and probably handles cover so that let's use tongs to remove it without burning seen our steel crucible glow are on you and it means that all ready crucible 8 centimeters diameter so perfect for melting cans from under soda and temperature of more than 500 degrees Celsius they melt in just I brought a couple of seconds capacity to complete to how to faster than all melt in the middle October 12 cans per minute cool is that banks may be dirty and painted with
  • 02:31: the remnants of soda no matter how we soon We see foundry He absorbs everything and gives the output clean liquid Aluminum in my Bonus 3845 cans enough for producing 450 grams aluminum and if they first crush you can not even shoot cover means in the process oxidizes less aluminum after melting 50 cans crucible but it is full in a lot of waste we do not need the easiest way insulated aluminum take a steel mold like this I bought it in stores
  • 03:01: to start cautiously pull out the crucible making before this very reliable captured his tongs then very slowly Fracture melt as a steel mold see slag remains and operates in Tigil almost like a filter is not giving a solid the particles leave it separating what we we may need knock Tigil a piece of cement and remove slag clearing we can at once a crucible also use it again and just for the sake of fun I melted several cans to fill new cake pan goal
  • 03:31: is to give aluminum ingots cool and unusual appearance shape made of steel but sometimes fire breaks out it burns counter and burn-on coating but it will only the first time after a pair of minutes as it is seen ingot begin harden but they're still awful so hot hot that badged paper instantly burned good will stock up with a bucket water to their cool left in cold water ingots still not enough hot to and instantly and
  • 04:01: but boil about ten they seconds cool enough to You could get them hands I also use shape for mini cupcakes make bars smaller in result, I were very cute little Now they cupcakes my favorite because it is very easy with them work assignment the ingot is to have a pure metal ready when you are You want something did when it happens only need to Kindle and Foundry throw a couple of bars into a clean pot with this configuration ingots melted for five or ten minutes and then look at
  • 04:32: use bars we do not need to get rid of toxins except that the fine oxide film aluminum and therefore Tegel full finished to the casting liquid I poured aluminum aluminum sand who placed specially made a form which, as see burns absorbs 900 grams After the liquid metal May 10 minutes metal hard enough to catch him tongs we can break the mold and get our castings I have shown how do something similar in other video
  • 05:02: when the work is finished all devices can convenient to put in 20 liter bucket and when the foundry cool easy shake out the ashes hand on the cleaning takes place quickly and when you put into the pot from our plant foundry turns into innocent looking decoration Well Well now you You know how to turn empty cans soda in shining metal muffins they can a proud and can admire use for casting all that come to mind translated and voiced channel science and equipment subscribe to our
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