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  • 00:00: hello today I want to show you both very fit simple and beautiful Model hats strong bars is universal model I depending on color and size suitable for both girls and boys and men and women it can also serve as a basis for different kinds of caps I take this model again because The first time I was filming
  • 00:30: its in a very bad and as it was more than a hundred thousand and I was watching ashamed of the quality of this video and decided to orange all video Here's how it looked cap in my first master class for knitting this model hat we first must determine the size ie must first measure the circumference
  • 01:00: head for which we this knit cap my case is 53 Then centimeters of this circle is necessary rob February 1 centimeter due to the fact that the cap knitting and she little stretches if Knit and exactly 53 centimeters at the a small stretch hat happens giant head basis for this model hats
  • 01:30: It is a circle circle which is head circumference minus 1 to 2 centimeters my case is 51 centimeters as the tie circles of durable columns I It showed in separate video one and he knows how to knit and the circle and who ate I am watching the video it may look on how to knit
  • 02:00: those who do not cap We saw this video and Want to learn how to Here's a tie remarkable circle of spiral without transitions how do you see the circle very linked neat and it has a very round the form and do not visible transitions one row on the other those who want know how to do it
  • 02:31: follow the link which will appear in You are now on the screen or go on ssylochku under this video and since I had already we should say tie and circle We desired size my case is 51 centimeter circumference of this measured range circle can be different or measuring tape
  • 03:02: but that's the way Of course, this method not the best because it does not give chances are very accurately measure And so the circle about us We see that this is just then the circle which I need but for more accurate measurement our need to circle in my case it is 51 cm divide the number pi ie 51
  • 03:32: centimeter in my case of need divided by 3 and 14 When I made these my calculations It happened in 1624 that is Diomede my circle must be 16 centimeters and a little bit longer 24 and as you can see from the I just This circle has
  • 04:03: Diameter of course you do knit circle to the you based on the size volume for the head which you knit after you tied round the right you knit the size of those hat is very very just need to first here in this place where We start a series of put the marker so that we can know about
  • 04:34: and where we begin ranks and where they end and then we were binding on spiral strong without bars adding all cap tally is very very simple and looks great again I say that it is possible
  • 05:04: this knit cap different colors and I do it every time may look This model in different ways on the same Basically you can tie and hat from columns without sc Well to be honest cap connected from columns without sc not so good
  • 05:34: It looks like a hat associated with durable a column of course all at your discretion but I like it more It looks like cap It has the exact columns they tally the same exactly the same simple to tie hat from columns sc without knit circle of columns without
  • 06:04: sc in the same principle and on make strapping for spiral of columns sc without immediately we We do everything with the help of solid columns here So So nothing fancy
  • 06:41: no just knit for spiral strong bars until we obtain the required depth or height our I knitted hats several rows of spiral due to strong bars until I get fit the height of the cap and Now to close and knitting I stopped in this a place where I end and some you see
  • 07:11: this marker me It shows the beginning series, and if you go here so it turns out that I tied up last eyelet here I have started the next row, and then we we proceed as follows we miss one loop and and the following tabs provyazyvaem connective column and another
  • 07:41: air loop pull very well for thread and this thread can be cut and cautiously carry it in our work with seamy side using a needle or using more thin hook after we tied this versatile the model with cap
  • 08:11: These can vary as we want you can her to leave this or decorate some applique example machines if it is a model for boys or col. if this model links to these girls application you can view description this video or my site
  • 08:42: then you can tie another one or and two types of columns without nakida from another color as I did in my first video lessons of this model you can make a pompom tie and ears then You will cap look like this can make it insulated and so on as much as possible this varied model hats I I will show the following your video if you like this video tutorial place
  • 09:12: huskies and subscribe to my youtube channel until all till