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  • 00:00: hi all Topic Eyelid in video home and even today, I share with you cool recipe facials which can replace Botox important role in any appearance women hold eyes with Makeup can do compelling look yet how to achieve if all the spoil omitted lost elasticity century way perform all the tips I voiced Next you need to also for prevention to avoid sagging Century Council early every morning
  • 00:30: you must do massage century cubes ice for his cooking take mineral or melt water and add the juice fresh lemon and mint chamomile can be dried bought at the pharmacy massage should be done two ways first option wipe with a cube ice upper eyelids the inner corner eyes to the outside and lower in the opposite direction from external to the Inland second way wipe with a cube Ice eyelid skin perpendicularly eye from lash line
  • 01:00: eyebrow movement must be careful to avoid damage lower eyelid skin advice second eyelid skin well tightens silver you can take advantage of silver tea spoon chilled glass cubes ice strong cooling putting a spoon to the eyelids for a few seconds procedure It can be repeated at 58 time each morning cooling spoon between repetitions and Finally the third board at the end of the morning procedures century helpful lubricate with sesame
  • 01:30: oil which It tightens the skin and eliminating the small wrinkles can be replace with oil grape seed and two more times in the week for an hour or two before bedtime, apply on wiki smear prepared from egg yolk sesame or castor oil Mask to keep 10-15 minutes and rinse warm water and the ready-made face mask and and you can use for example if you planned date or an important meeting, and desperately need to
  • 02:00: look young and freshly Mask gives temporary effect and so we need potato starch one tablespoon half a cup of warm dissolved in water warm water collapse until dissolved container must be glass is the is not important aluminum is oxidized dissolve the starch going on a steam bath and now has the floor cup warm water add to this snip solution and Stir for 15 minutes so from this composition
  • 02:31: we just need to five tablespoons Let cool further add 5 tablespoons spoonfuls of carrot juice And last this is one ingredient tablespoon sour mix until smooth put on face a first layer give Apply to dry and still another layer and that three layers leave for 15 minutes Further wash with warm water and apply the cream incredible masochka Firstly it is very
  • 03:02: It nourishes the skin in Secondly it gives freshness rested appearance of the skin but most importantly it It makes less visible wrinkles especially nasolabial wrinkles on it all thanks for watching sign up leave your no comments yet