Tatyana Orlova

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  • 00:00: Hello soon We holiday on March 8 and I would like to show This master class vosmerochki that It will be slightly open to see the reboot candy outside the window the same colors for Cut the beginning here
  • 00:33: these two sticks brown and more you will do ribbon extra distance glue ribbon
  • 01:12: what Shubin we have neither
  • 01:49: and in order to
  • 02:27: correction potatoes seem now everything is glued You can see that central they sliced cut out I'll be out and then office knife a bit difficult guess on the size She ruffled the house stretched
  • 02:58: so at first I Now then I will cut our neatly such samochki
  • 03:35: tape. I have to kill, and bumpers Here I am now going to
  • 04:09: do one side of the upper Eight of the anger suns hi look sweetie
  • 05:24: its such pieces girls booklets spread instead of these places hot I taped all
  • 06:03: bows to record it is itself in the based on what we are disclose or I little . of things
  • 07:06: I have a girl ready I turned Eight I hope my master class will be someone Thank you for your helpful Attention