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  • 00:00: Hello my today I'm Elena cook delicious juicy pasties take 3 cups flour Sift do lune here add schepotochku salt a teaspoon of sugar 3 tablespoons vodka 3 tablespoons
  • 00:35: sunflower oil and add 2 cups boiling water it will have Choux pastry knead shovel
  • 01:06: here we are healed spatula and now knead well hands sprinkle with a little flour and knead
  • 01:36: handles we get here a lump that we We put the reed and Cover with kitchen carpenter half an hour let all stand up Our dough is half an hour under the kitchen
  • 02:06: towel and we Now we prepare 250 grams of minced meat 150 grams of fat and 300 grams onion I have prepared Peremoga now my all add connect It has alternating bow add salt here
  • 02:37: salt to taste pepper all mix and here also add a floor glass It can be a little bit less cold water that was juicy minced
  • 03:08: gradually add our mix minced that's our dough already ready for half an hour passed Now we cut dip a piece of flour making sausage
  • 03:38: sausages with this and we We do here such here patty as dumplings only to you more every So he dipped cut into pieces and now we will We roll out the table questions take a piece and very thin
  • 04:08: roll out your tchebourek yourself look like do more more pieces of me so we like prepare all pieces that then shape and I'm not a piece we Now we form
  • 04:38: will do take our zagotovochku need Court minced somewhere teaspoon and the part I cover presses fingers that was beautiful form we have ego saucer dips his hand put but so
  • 05:09: I make an incision remove excess dough and here you beautiful formed We may need to cheburek. that then was convenient to bring to frying so do the following dip bun
  • 05:42: I smoothed cut off too much so we We put the stuffing presses seredinku not only lived presses the edge if we do not have such openwork shtuchechki we just cut obvozhu what brand you level to learn
  • 06:13: such a floor such color only We put the pan on the warmed our hands She warmed up in I already pour here sunflower oil somewhere Palagina to turn on
  • 06:44: you your veil figure waiting when she warmed up and so our same sunflower oil warmed up wear a piece to check all your but already warmed Thuja formed a network in Now we go to the river to fry's laid three pieces to it
  • 07:17: blankets like this spatula must cover sunflower oil constantly to be so that they cover already beginning bubbles so begins
  • 07:57: bubble second helping spatula and throw next game neatly and as we all
  • 08:27: continue continue until the the dough bubble is about pasties ready I want to pay attention if you no vodka can be replace the vinegar with the act then subscribe to channel watching tv
  • 08:58: put the huskies if you have questions write in comments See the new video thank you bye