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  • 00:00: Hello my name is Larisa Kuznetsova online my nickname is very simple Larissa Today I'll show you how to make a rug carpeted hook that you need to do and what this can get this set from which it is made a mat set I have a schematic diagram designated color and the name is not so which is used in this set for this picture sliced thread in some
  • 00:30: sets by color once dismantled thread in the set there's Such a grid on it applied pattern this grid It called the stramin is if you choose to do not pad out set for yourself, you can themselves cut thread of a certain length and thickness and can separately buy such grid even though it is rarely which can be sold tie a net hook and starch or impregnate it with sugar You will need a stiff
  • 01:00: He's such a hook It called hook carpet and appliances sold in stores needlework best rug making 3d minutes look here crosses and black squares tic Brown color black boxes black open take the hook thread impose on it threaded hook fold in half insert your hook a grid line push up here
  • 01:31: thread folded in two open hook and put to a thread slightly pull on themselves and pull thread a loop tied first take the following thread fold it in half on the hook hook push through push up the net thread open and hook tighten the thread into a loop to easier in the loop better stretch thread it does not tighten
  • 02:01: at first and then weed out tighten tips may not be the same length end of the year over here do you can after washing stretching cockpit crop sticking ends as a result of it turns out that's a mat it can be make it a pillow can be hung on He can be wall make a rug
  • 02:31: on the floor after finished his mat You need to wash warm water can wash as well as embroidery la dishwashing You can trim leaving roughly 2 cells and sew the top tape here is something of paper and possible without tape simple hem rolled part cut off the excess if You will be doing pillow you need will make for
  • 03:02: contour drawing the rear part of the cushion a mat a week can be easily make even faster