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  • 00:05: we have this all in colors studio up even not it good Friend 3 super product for women shake and Unlisted boxes will make now our beautiful A man reads the sons all he thought about Our moms and for them and for every woman 3
  • 00:32: super foods for Women make us studio all you need Well the first guest replacement first dear woman you congratulations on 8th of March, we carefully selected products trust me that each product
  • 01:00: It can be on the table any women some exotic products are rare and can now be invite The first guest to call us Good day dear Mom is alive to Sorry Sorry No, we let you know it is in heaven happy for you okay
  • 01:31: Well then you the first questions that our 1 secret boxes I guess it is chocolate open it is such yogurt yogurt course Why do you think we set it as super product women helpful but why milk for women
  • 02:00: a secret German 6 all what is the secret yogurt yogurt he It contains dairy more bacteria Whether the amount of bus equal or son or didili and lactobacilli on orders that improve digestion as we know all women like diet they are the main component of the diet it is the food corner with a rough fiber and so
  • 02:30: when we eat this food we appear various unpleasant symptoms of bloating belly abdominal pain and so this yogurt much reduces the symptoms are complete their disappearance so we We put here yogurt or yogurt as a spoken in Russia on French is yogurt I want to Andrei Petrovich Us close means see this is not Plain yogurt is or yogurt and chest living sick or
  • 03:01: they are called this lactic acid but the bacteria in Latin they are called lolat samples but of course compound words such Nobody writes to describe reduction write e-mail GG this is the first that you You should read at bottles of yogurt or l gas is just lactobacilli lactic acid al case and bacteria or
  • 03:30: Algie ji But on such and only say it really want bacteria that pass through the acidic Wednesday stomach dad reach the intestine a path 67 meters and there begin to live and do with them much easier any woman and let's go put the experience as long as we We go to experience I remind you that that our sponsor software company green pan produces ceramic dishes
  • 04:00: coated and marked live healthily for you to be healthy tableware printer ceramic coated to live it would be great and that's great that basically there is when here we We absorb such like yogurt or Mosina I slept it and Milk, if not me and wherein the bacteria who manage to pass through the acidic stomach environment and get into the intestine, and there begin to grow
  • 04:30: throw throw there contains millions this yogurt you can all bowl lessons and that's where they begin multiply live near the wall intestine and thereby to splash and honestly about the floor intestine decreases flatulence and the thus was improved Content Sasha 6 intestines less pain less constipation good attitude is the main thing
  • 05:01: Thank you very much and We invite 2 guest to open a second secret box well, what is now your to congratulate Your Mother is my favorite mom congratulations you wish on March 8 you certainly
  • 05:31: good health and all true anymore no suggestions well, what is your name Irina Irina we next secret boxes for some reason it seems may be oatmeal open it it is not a fish growth what fish red fish the salmon and our fire can be high omega acid cit omega-3 and fellows
  • 06:04: we wanted here say not only of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid is that it Fish contains large the amount of vitamin d and it is very important for women Come to put experience friends is our famous bones and all
  • 06:30: superb for directness a question which the bone which created a great of roses, I think that's it's probably fine no sense of growth on roses it is very easy holding long take with you bob Macro began to beat on These so so It does vitamin d Both vitamin d eases bone mineralization thereby
  • 07:00: warns osteoporosis it is important to women that come into menopause when the stop poll It starts quickly progress so vitamin d must be on the table every woman besides me I can also add vitamin improves d immunity and warns development cardiovascular disease and if talk about men it is clear you are alone will not nibbling salmon for clear the table share your favorite and if men talk about men
  • 07:30: today shows that vitamin d is a basic chemical the predecessor the main male sex hormone she and testosterone Today on your analysis vitamin d and your male level of vitamin d one of the basic analyzes have not yet been I was introduced to Russia eg passed this Star League Analysis I also passed my you
  • 08:01: normal and I want say to all those who people listen to Russia since you do not have such contact with sauce in a large The amount of vitamin d reduced and as well as children drink drinking all fish here at the same time a man who in Dag low he has his determine when It warns you of dangerous development diseases we will
  • 08:31: all you have wife We told our lunch and passion so the second product this salmon Red luxury fish well in all quality and omega-3 fatty acid which do not give develop atherosclerosis and Vitamin course you will continue through A couple of minutes open secrets sold our program brings beauty inside 3 super Products for women it's time to get up from its knees that such a syndrome
  • 09:00: knee housewives its artists youth fix errors in their make-up our mothers because We leave on the eve of 8 March topic today Talk about food very simple 3 super Products for women specially selected these products are very We want to be on the table of our women the country's first product This yogurt yogurt
  • 09:30: much alive bacteria and you should not just read live bacteria and read there It contains L. goats and Algie ji l means luck to the bacteria or lactic acid bacteria but these additions Gigi goats and denote species lactic Once these bacteria bacteria are through the acidic environment stomach is not under no
  • 10:01: die reach the intestine where they should be there multiply and there is great affects our not only in the body treats constipation as a He said Herman burn but and improve mood probably due to the fact that there is no fence second product is Salmon Salmon is a fish red you it You know it contains omega-3 fatty acids who struggle with cholesterol and vitamin d which
  • 10:30: provides Calcium incorporation into the bones can not be women without this product at least 3 times week you should eat piece size palm, and you will daily maintenance in omega-3 vitamin d here is a salmon we 3 remains a secret box 3 super-secret and great product for women, we We invite another the
  • 11:07: What is your name Valentine Valentine congratulations to your mom mom I congratulate you international Women's Day thank you yourself that you wish her your health and many of our own as a conspiracy yes tell but presses on Only at the Well so well it dumbbell and join the also wish you
  • 11:30: health and long or long and now check shrewdness your daughters something preying we have the following the last box a super product I have for women the assumption that there apple open what is it is there was an apple I have not lived it already ate parsley parsley for that for which parsley, but I
  • 12:00: involves first it is necessary very well It affects women skin on skin woman Herman 6 in general, that we like just consider it in This perspective would absolutely right but parsley contains big any concentration pho acid in principle this vitamin regeneration of vitamin renewal vitamin that is needed cell growth Our skin naturally constantly renewed and women are particularly to take care of it
  • 12:31: reopened so you parsley needs crafts put the experience flying horrors that occur it is external factors that affect put the wind skin the sun so that the okay we have to pieces of ice that's what happening and that we and
  • 13:00: we will do we are now on the bend you you folic acid renew skin that when enough number of whale you will successfully regenerate onions so we are friends regenerates the skin Once again parsley contains folic acid without which the substance regeneration that is, recovery no tissues
  • 13:30: possible course impossible in conventional skin tissues so you right for this skin Well, it is very important that was chief The question of how to hang grams but in the day with her we will try it reply Well how much to eat yogurt a day perhaps a jar plenty of one jar four such
  • 14:03: bozhechki 50 grams We recommend twice in the morning in the afternoon or in the morning and evening 3 as salmon pieces of size palm towards this and where to warning atherosclerosis and if we are talking about the daily dose of vitamin d this is such a Lavash piece 100
  • 14:30: gram contains 264 percent of the daily dose that is already you need sufficient know if this Salmon have real they are expressed in nursery it even Regarding just here This dry salmon which is expressed in artificial conditions had concentration vitamin d less than a 25-30 why we upset man
  • 15:00: guys how do we know in the nursery and you just have to Dick 10100 gram stain and then just will block every day 100 grams and salmon and finally parsley as parsley embodiment on 100g click on female names 100 grams per day for 100 gram course try's Friends What a bunch of you It recommended to the court and
  • 15:30: why we put beam because eat in the morning salad in the evening and it daily doses parsley valchika Thank you very much in you know your Our final program whether you can force add one but add the male you listened carefully I hope and do not forget these products also useful for I hope you woman you carefully listened to men too
  • 16:00: feed the already well know that a man even heard some medical advice never embodies in his life and the only one who is for him to do it Mama wife or sister just love it female valchika we gift for your mother from our sponsor bayer company that the first in the world made portable glucometers this the meter does not require coding and immediately
  • 16:30: quickly and accurately measures blood sugar