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  • 00:00: [music] no darts and fashionable dress patterns this is just the segment jersey and one seam make clear that Dress is enough time-consuming but when the event I learned about it possible to make using only one the seam I was very interested in how it is possible to choose style which suitable for any form-fitting shapes dress with full skirt just below the knee skirt It will be in the form of square shape overweight
  • 00:30: rectangle We do bottom dress cut square half to one and a half meter we add it to the diagonal twice the center put a label and we need any measurements We need to measure volume waist is the only measurement transfer it to paper, draw a circle put it in the center square and encircle cut out bottom dress ready
  • 01:01: what luxury skirt now making up add up the fabric on width 35 cm and find the center with both sides of the note to 26 centimeters First make the cut and then along the line it little gathering tissue remains do only seam connect the top and bottom dead dresses and
  • 01:31: sewn on a typewriter zigzag stitch dress is almost ready stay connected fabric on the shoulders decorative pins and hide a knitted stitch taped that's it, here we are finished board get a luxury kingly beautiful fabric the segment braid and pin 20
  • 02:00: Now minute ready to be released on the main thing is the dress and reason to be sure there Olga nikishicheva Anastasia glaucous first channel