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  • 00:00: warm vest wool and warm and It makes elegant any daily Included were such can even novice tailor in the basis tailoring rectangle side seams will do only shoulder simple and beautifully need only 80 centimeters light texture wool and silk at 85 cm I suggest lining take the flap volume with a classic wool picture such braids never
  • 00:30: to go out of style vest was beautiful and seamy side We do it on silk lining edge processed knitted lace get very elegantly add up facial tissue side inside reveal the vest deal It takes five minutes for basis of our favorite the pattern without side seams of we have lived but the two things it must adjust we do shoulders little longer and neck make out
  • 01:00: Now we SICOM We are putting it in wool shear and cut left cut out of the same piece of silk connects both the fabric and shear and cut to stitch the two parts
  • 01:30: the contour leaving not embroidered shoulders turn out preform to front side and sew shoulder seams first on the basis of then lined decorate shelves 7
  • 02:00: new thing can try on the vest blends with any monophonic things way the pattern is not far remove it is still useful they we sew a fur coat Olga nikishicheva Vyacheslav Zhukov first channel