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  • 00:00: Connect motive bar brandy one nokia and this shift the two materials seamy side to each other where the hook
  • 00:30: five years in the extremely first motive so discounts window air loop and then we do throwing the hook and that de Boer chants extreme loop The second motive and drags Beijing further oblige place after Beijing and once we are together 3 then we do on the sly on a hook
  • 01:02: chants were killed in the second five-year plan Kirov motive We take out the loop and will continue until the energy loop with edema make a hit chants perish in the second loop second thread seizes motif and pull beijing stretch out three-five years, and never place the hook in
  • 01:33: We will strengthen stole the rest as my loop and then repeat exactly the same do on cues on the hook in the third loop Kirov motives dress hook and grab thread will be checked for correspondence with Naqib made on the hook where half Krajicek in the second motif I met a song grab the thread and Schiavone Project
  • 02:03: loop then captures any and Qatar through two loops port radiation peak comments together so repeat until the end will connect Menchov it is nice and experience or those who form pigtails immediately for the period if these compromises stalls rates
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