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  • 00:00: hi you are looking machines and channel today our cameras not quite normal an event, namely presentation of the company
  • 00:30: which according to world rankings is in the top most rapidly developing companies in the world level 5 miracle blog it happens because that the company offers on the market perfectly unique product allowing stop aging Well, is not that what we are all with you a dream and we today we are talking about for which the developers this product received the Nobel Peace Prize the prize as well as technologies invented in the advanced world laboratories It allows us to include cellular regenerate you
  • 01:00: watch fashion channel detailed to all understand go jeunesse global was created only six years ago but today on an equal footing compete with the world's largest network giants it seems impossible but tone that others were spending Decades in jeunesse it turned out all for several years this business phenomenon world-wide top managers companies explain Just with us
  • 01:30: exclude products from we are very simple and understandable marketing plan capabilities required 1 thanks to these two up to end of this year jeunesse global will ensure world turnover of its products for more than 1 billion only for last month commodity turnover
  • 02:00: of jeunesse was about 80 millions of dollars our growth rates and development commensurability the most successful world companies in network industry marketing at their peak opportunities and this while we we are only in the beginning of the road and so in based on stunning financial success lies their products well what is this amazing products demand for which allows earn such money really is jeunesse company
  • 02:30: this is a complex anti-aging complex for body is not a separate product be considered by one can not only in complex if you do something well apply outside and inside you can reach the desired result lumen line with critical directions products that allows a person to Actually, but actively solve problems with its external rejuvenation our products are low to actively stimulates Collagen production from the inside thereby there is a real
  • 03:01: position and fact there are 100 people he gets younger on the right on eyes production internal this products of the series mp infiniti is not easy vitamins are not just add this products that Today stops aging on the cellular level resort it the most important anti- today Well, today we have also products which allows instantly rejuvenate it and gillies our famous it's a bomb on today it is what is blowing up
  • 03:31: Today turnover to all over the world this is what today allows any person literally in 5 minutes remove all your problems on the face and 8 hours look on all plus 12 in the base company products jeunesse global lie technology authors who were awarded Nobel Prize which means that the company uses the most advanced scientific developments which in direct sense of They allow you to stop aging is one of such technologies is
  • 04:01: using adult stem cells that launch intensive processes regeneration of our skin any person wants good today and look young and well behaved feel modern science is already It allows us to stop time and is used for this exclusively natural mechanisms which each of a person with age slows down production of the company jeunesse global is revolutionary anti-aging technologies that tried today imagine millions of people Worldwide
  • 04:31: those who have already tried products of the company jeunesse on yourself willingly share their experiences I use products it's carried this way delicious business it's very tasty juice why i use because I was serious problem a genyantritis it in general very disgusting stage the disease is very many years that I only did not try it were and visiting doctors this tablet
  • 05:01: antibiotics and so further so on and were of course vitamin A and I understood that this it is very important and when I started using reserve then September a month they then the winter passed cow I never it hurt was terrible mushroom past me all this simple of course I'm in the general left me this is a problem of sinusitis I'm very happy very much happy is it useful it's delicious I I use products Well, I want to tell you about lumen product with know any woman wants good
  • 05:31: look in any age and I do not different from women I was looking for a lot I went cosmetologist but that I would like you to me could not give I chose the luminous something this is something that does not allow here I will be fine soon I will be a grandmother and a long time from trying court not driving is not it was 53 years old and here you are I know that on I look 53 years old wonderful but no limit perfection
  • 06:01: want more I want not only well and fashionable and that still meet I'll say it instead of other figure and here New Product the company instantly ageless is real shock result of action of this drug on skin is not seen through a few months weeks or days a just a few minutes for clarity people are testing the product is half face and spread results in the Internet it's hard to believe but wrinkles and swelling and bruises disappear almost
  • 06:32: instantly and here still one top product from jeunesse zenbodi is unique complex of proteins amino acids and other substances that allow normalize exchange processes in body and lead body in order excess weight that became a problem number one in developed countries from now on clear control of modern technologies and
  • 07:03: results application complex from zenbodi appear so same quickly as the effect from all products jeunesse and here is the answer to our question about unique products analogues of which market do not exist and simple marketing here two simple constituents grandiose success jeunesse global in and even products jeunesse is exclusively natural technologies that in a natural way affect different parts of the cell exactly like this integrated approach to
  • 07:33: the most recent developments scientific laboratories allows to receive simply stunning result is our products is a trend modernity all people want to be young and healthy and jeunesse gives such a opportunity is really products of the future effectiveness of this products so is great the need for it grows grandiose rate it therefore the company jeunesse global is among the top rapidly developing
  • 08:04: companies in the world one of the main theses of modern peace is that the world around us much faster than you and me have time for it observe in this case life always sends opportunities for us and the main thing is not to miss your chance and we with you interest watch as Promise top managers jeunesse global will be embodied in a life they promised us literally the following in just a few years of age jeunesse global should become a leader not only in Ukraine but
  • 08:34: and all over the world you watched the project fashion channel recommend believe in yourself happy