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  • 00:00: Hello this video is a bit I bolt logic I want to make the announcement at next video or rather to the next a series of video since It will be the few workshops on knitting this product and now I will show that in my Currently there are what are we going to knit I propose to knit from
  • 00:30: yarn sectional dyeing in my Here nako bambino and there is something Melange is simply not then I remember the name in the first video I I show what I see threads of I I offer 5 Raglan top here so I do I can not decide who is behind it will pay or sweaters offering tie that's a
  • 01:02: beauty ie it raglan yarn sectional dyeing and I suggest to knit I wave and I can not simply accept Front embroidery and knit a knit I need to be sure something in a wise and to do something difficult though only at first sight
  • 01:33: of course difficult and it looks back yet like so twisted But in the end that I while it turns out I started to knit it like a sweater like this how to tie a sweater but Now despite the fact what happens to me it seems to be just
  • 02:04: stunningly paid as after closing hinges anise in products and sleeves It will also be corrugated, I think it will be very interesting to Dress just in case you bought more couple additional Hanks but still I am in doubt what it It will be a dress or sweater he's fit Raglan does not top
  • 02:34: crazy like this wave somehow do not know thought that if simply take Raglan and simple lines it's somehow in Many have somehow ordinary and me I wanted to bring some own touch add something interesnenkoe some zest that Whether that's wanted make wave waves I have not tracery that is, I
  • 03:05: but without holes are if desired, be make and with holes but I just wanted to just such a plump platitse not fishnet that's why I I decided to remove it video they immediately to begin to spread workshops as several Video I already captured on the sweater dress because the first Video will be there so
  • 03:36: more with the calculations I have detailed explain how once again count raglan Crochet Raglan top and details tells how I show circuit This is obtained as the wave And How considered to have the waves were beautiful trim their knit dresses by so it all
  • 04:07: it looked as waves because I see the transition on the sleeves of my all that is the wave as if they are not how to stop to calculate that was all looked carefully nice not to have been no interruptions wave to wave here He was on his wave so it was not was of some there a disgrace that there bam and I like you
  • 04:37: twisted at all all will be very detail tried I tell that is, we calculate together there will draw figure on I paint scheme as long as it will show likely to be in the second video How to Read This schemes that have there are loops in the power and is suitable for those who can not
  • 05:07: read charts and knit schemes for them it will be very useful as I will show how to these same schemes that we, together with you will draw both on These knit that is, I will show all I tried to make as clear maximize all explain make it clear beginners knitters so not all the same often write what they would like to
  • 05:37: more details master classes here I I hope this one Master class will thus the most detailed and I hope still data you little idea like that's who wants to knit dress you can knit dress who wants it make like a sweater no problem that is here the main part main here this is necessary waves probably start this is the hardest part
  • 06:08: this sweater will be here but I I tried all much detail explain this is to to you scared the first I saw where somewhere hour I will tells how correct all calculate to steal happened really beautiful and dignified and products here because they do not should still neglect better estimates
  • 06:38: day sit and yet to calculate and then start easy to knit than it several times dress rave spends it is a lot of time so how to dress still no one will go day for settlement a lot more therefore better spend time calculation still want you ask did to me
  • 07:10: suggestions on how that by 23 February congratulate the men and do a master class knitting something male that is it a sweater or jacket or pullover I do not know what else there vest in general something It is male essential of large pieces so Still have caps scarf I have to channel a that's something this substantial I do not have a large But if you want you
  • 07:42: like this idea and you want to see from I have a master class knitting something while you something muscle Men's something male please write in comments that would you like to see in the data likely a series of master-classes if such sweater how would you We want it to be
  • 08:13: associated suture seamless raglan from above there Raglan bottom and other if you have any such models of which you been dreaming tie your world a spouse or a young a person but do not know where to start interesting models leave group VKontakte link It will be under the infobox video and together we will
  • 08:44: choose well will knit here as write some pattern would you like it to It was done there openwork know I live on the pk son site braids Jacquard may be there is generally all that You want what you want general Do this idea you can you say yes to these better for men something for himself Generally all of your thoughts
  • 09:14: all your wishes I forward to in the comments group VKontakte we hope you pick up something that will be interesting it appeals to many also in the group VKontakte and video comments what you like it is written let's be sure layknite ie the More pick Likes concrete idea it will be all he
  • 09:44: somehow let combined in the general I have something like always come up with so like I do not like to knit any specific model I love something thought out reinvent and so in generally look to you offers some thoughts and until this all first video on this sweater dress
  • 10:14: you do not know yet it will be in Saturday I hope you like you Major vote and there it was not quite simply the removal of Data explanations here yet I am with you goodbye do not get bored and see you soon video yet till