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  • 00:06: to hello like a lot to you today may learn how to make these beautiful brooches made with zippers If you want to know how they stay and now I explain step by step how to make to make this brooch
  • 00:33: we only need one and needle piece felt with a zipper metal teeth a pin one scissors and glue gun good to start'll show the rack is ideal for these These brooches are zippers that They have metal teeth this
  • 01:01: zipper are achieved and haberdashery in Chinese here in Spain so no it is easy to get are the long zippers like this it is usually 80 centimeters get all the short and we will try to get long we're going to get into all haberdashery or all Chinese to see and we will look at and tell them it is not easy because of this as I just He could get black and white so I'm going to work with black because it makes contrast with this
  • 01:30: background the first thing we will do is open the rack and we will use only this part Let's start by cutting and for the Do not dispose edges will burn little here now I'll take some measures about six centimeters so I'll cut also he burnt edge and I'll get
  • 02:00: seven measures six centimeters as It is here and I have cut seven zipper pieces of 6 cm and we will cut another 32 centimeters long here I have one of the segments of six centimeters and what I do with the thread and the needle is producing across the bottom
  • 02:36: and now when we have moved the needle if We loosen the string we produce we and remains a fan and here let us join with a stitch and we will do exactly the same with the six
  • 03:00: pieces that remain Now what we will do is go uniting One with another let's put one over the other this coincides with the center of the front and we will give here a few stitches collect it once it's so good together we will put the following just like halfway and we to tee stitches when they are
  • 03:31: all together we will be in this way and now we have to do is close let us join the latter with the former exactly as we have been doing and we will give a few stitches here I have zipper strip 32 centimeters and what I'll do is produce too so we few stitches here initially for hold and we will go about doing
  • 04:02: stitches to pucker once made these first stitches we will producing a bit but at the same time we will roll up here so let's hold and that too with stitches once it is securely fastened and let to continue giving them stitches We produce arrived here by
  • 04:35: example we produce and already we thus giving pink we will give here a few stitches secure and once we have it so we will continue to function and has come here at the end and now we will continue
  • 05:01: producing here we can finish with the thread so that we would not let him release again give that form of pink and when and we will ensure the needle and thread ends this part
  • 05:35: we put inward so they do not see and so we already have the party list Central to the back of ebro che will cut a circle felt five and a half centimeter once we have it we will fetch the brooch quoted that we will put behind we will not bend
  • 06:00: necessarily in half but so one This little circle will calculate more or less where it begins and ends the finishing and we will give two cuts and with scissors and a few tiny cuts and here let's move the brooch
  • 06:32: once you have passed so let's cut a piece of felt that You can cover behind let's put so with a little glue gun silicone hot and with this we will cover here we will ensure that This snap open and close properly and once we are having so we'll put silicone hot well and only about
  • 07:00: we're going to stick this that we are going to turn around and we will stick and behind it started behind sticking to calculate that all the petals remain exactly just out and when so already we turn and we can fix it ahead once you're well stuck we'll put now hot glue and now we are going to pasting the central part
  • 07:32: If we want we can also paste something in the middle and can see what nice is that these flowers are made with metal zippers as viewed before his brooch and even put him something in the very nice center It seems to give more work but really they are very easy I have here this has been done with a plastic zipper of this type and also it looks good as I said
  • 08:01: previously only been able to get black and white metal of the long It is also getting long, really is a flower also very pretty I have white here also is nothing spectacular and dare hope and the saga and I now count as I always say goodbye I wish to pass a wonderful day and I'll see you in next record God for subscribe to the channel like heap YouTube gives up join miedito
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