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How to zhelatinit a velvet. Flowers from fabric - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to you Olga and Kanunnikova today we are with you talk about how to gelatin, velvet and Velvet is a specific material front side which is having a nap and now to velvet flowers ie flowers from Velvet is very beautiful looks and sometimes we they either need parquet dress or let us assume for a coat either on a fall hat where silk flowers and Organza say no not suited or
  • 00:31: chiffon we need I need a second flower pretty tight tissue such as Here's a velvet to make such Flowers need to velvet fabric and was nazhelatinennoy but when we revive and thread conventional manner such he also say how and silk and then this one here is our nap, he will this very hard as both spiny hedgehog and will very ugly look so to gelatin velvet used this way you can on
  • 01:01: on the frame let wooden pull pull piece velvet like this let's fix gelatin and its body the left side but not everyone there let's frame so we take a piece of the tank and then we to do the most common way to take regular here I have here Now even Mach 2 terry Towelie lay them on his face that is
  • 01:32: nap nap on it towels impose the velvet there is on our side reverse reverse our side Velvet banks have Here's it is very Now that I have a velvet with cotton the foundation is here a velvet More It suited for colors and for beautiful flowers Basically it is possible so You can certainly do and artificial Velvet Velvet but epam
  • 02:02: here a little difficult to obtain although in principle all maybe he just They say that here it's a velvet much better suitable for color just such velvet Now we are ready ordinary can usually I'm the shadow of conventional wisdom it is already here used for to us it is necessary to paint the Velvet take a wider I have here a brush Such is the tassel Usually, yes well, there it is kind of like her wide but can be painted
  • 02:32: better than the broader even better, you can here such a large use that painted in an hour I will even show me the overall wide ie we need to do so to paint over Only the back and try not to touch nap but then moistened moistened our brush and here at line like this easy way
  • 03:02: quickly pass extends over the entire cloth try to do it is necessary quickly to fabric that's very soaked lint here is not impregnated there you can see not even do so But with feedback side walk here crosswise here here see how quickly
  • 03:33: we are treated The treated fabric Now the same here in the same manner as the he is now in our It is on at terry towels, we should give opportunity dry this fabric and then it is already possible used to manufacture of colors Velvet thanks for attention to you was Olga Kanunnikova