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Roses from organza. A rim for hair. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We do bezel roses these roses I used two colored organza it dark pink and a little lighter dark color I It will be inside rosettes light around the edges of all Rose petals for I already done and as I I made you now show but as Transparent organza I I decided to show you
  • 00:31: me on organza and on satin ribbon immediately make a petal from bright pink to take this box 5 on 5 centimeters and we add it to the diagonally etc. add up little corners like this here's a way to one hand dub tape and Here we fix it distance should get somewhere cm can be a few centimeters millimeters exactly
  • 01:01: as we do with on the other hand as well cut off the excess little corner dub ribbon and fasten etc. But from this points to this cut the ribbon rovnenko like this here is a must get petal As I said earlier These petals have
  • 01:31: will be inside rose a second lobe that we will doing is exactly as well as the first to small difference and Now I will show you a how we take the square 5 by 5 centimeters and also very we add it to the Diagonal same and add up the way received little corners triangle crop and anchoring and on the other hand zagotovochka we
  • 02:20: I get exactly the same only we first sand cut tape exactly like that in this petal we prune semicircle like this it turns out that inner petals in we have a little bit shorter I made the top 15 dark petals and 21 light is approximate the number of possible you need to several petals
  • 02:50: more or less like this with this we understand Now I petals from tape tidy up because that work well, just with petals of organza I am showing that once again petals with dark flat bottom and light with a semicircular for color request you can change Conversely main note that those petals that below should be within roses is now imposing one petal on others collect them thread After you
  • 04:08: collect all petals you will see that they twist on spiral we need them Bomber for this contractible and thread anchoring in the end should get a straight line like this just as we collect on a thread and bright petals petals can be pull after I build you
  • 04:38: It showed in the first embodiment or immediately We collected some petals and pulled you see that when you You collect these petals, they have Again twist in spiral q but when we contractible they can be obtained at one line like this Collect all the way petals after our petals ready We begin to collect a rose for me this basis of need batt with a diameter of 4
  • 05:09: half centimeter on the basis of a circle We begin to stick light pink petals where we tucked little corners hope chamber It is seen from this side we will look down These petals are not
  • 06:14: enough for three layers Now out of the dark I petals to do if To do this, I just I twist the strip from petals hot melt fix only at the bottom resulting bud
  • 06:50: I pasted in the center of a rose and at the same time, our rosette ready I made for the rim five of these roses I stick a rose I will be in the same order as you see them on the screen will start middle of the rim circles of felt
  • 07:41: size 3 ½ I centimeter pasting feedback hand to to better roses held that's all ready bezel I hope he will like, if so Insert the classes and leave your comments and we see you very soon in the next video all while
  • 08:11: he