Brooch hook "Мак". Accessories and jewelry crochet.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: welcome all needlework lovers In this video, I I tell you how to tie brooch for need scissors kryuchok price black colors metal with a pin blank red yarn black and green color red yarn
  • 00:30: Colors should be as We can be thinner begin vyvyazyvayut flower we do moving loop in the middle of moving loop provyazyvaem 7
  • 01:02: columns without sc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 loop are now contractible and connective
  • 01:37: loop join first row now need knit columns without each sc loop each I need to loop provyazyvat 2 column vyvyazyvayut air loop in this
  • 02:09: the loop provyazyvaem column and in the following tabs each provyazyvaem two column and so knit to the end a number of a number of knit connective
  • 02:39: loop join series and now need to knit a few rows of spiral without adding provyazyvaya each one loop the pillar without sc after it is cut cylinder small connective
  • 03:10: loop join series and cut the thread Remove the cylinder on front side and about knit the first row
  • 03:48: provyazyvaya each loop 2 loops Red and so knit
  • 04:19: provyazyvaya each loop 2 loops red to end of the row number knit connective loop join series and the following series vyvyazyvayut knit air sleeps first loop loop provyazyvaem bar following
  • 04:50: loop provyazyvaem 1 column, and so alternate through one loop provyazyvaem 2 loop knit 2 the following tabs loop provyazyvaem 1 column in the next loop 2 and column so alternating
  • 05:20: provyazyvaem number to the end of row knit joined connective loop is knitted loop in the air the first loop provyazyvaem column Now skip 2 loops in provyazyvayu each loop of one column and next to the third a third loop
  • 05:51: provyazyvaem 2 column, and so alternating provyazyvaem the entire series provyazyvaem one in eyelet two loops in the third loop provyazyvaem 2 column combined number connective loop the next row we will vyvyazyvayut columns with one sc
  • 06:21: for this vyvyazyvayut two air loops sc on the hook in the the loop provyazyvaem post with one more sc provyazyvaem each loop three column one nakida January 2 3 so provyazyvaya in
  • 06:54: each loop a series of three columns with one sc provyazyvaem number to the end of ready Vaison connective loop presented we connect prune fasten with seamy side and hiding after thread As you flower
  • 07:29: visas to decorate midway to it arrange green thread flower seredinku and so on
  • 08:27: they continue be decorated green thread seredinka to the end now need secure strings from the wrong sides and trim the ends If you wish,
  • 08:57: Contents middle flower beads beads sewn Now with a digit from holes that there on the workpiece We need to fix flower pin on metal base
  • 09:28: Now sewn need petals spread toy ready to knit pleased to new appointments