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  • 00:00: and here we let you an example, we we see player and rice by way of example block consider power replacement PWM controller and the first place visual inspection of that It shows us visual inspection of First, we can see that fuse It burned down in the second
  • 00:30: We see a crack in the shell control so Shimko at we Whipper 22 enough common chips and now our task is to change the mikroshemka and capacitor change Check for a short optocoupler and a diode bridge, too, so it is necessary check your feet Turn off fee
  • 01:04: often these PWM controller and just a crack let him fly to pieces here it happened now we can Check for a short check can directly the capacitor so put on the input proring PM
  • 01:33: and We see the capacitor short on the This brief case on chip and everyone here than blew fuse change the chip Now we first drink and then check diodes chip desoldering
  • 02:01: a needle or may be more some of the more rough ways but Just as we have it already definitely dead so I chip vypayal now before how to put the new you need to make all whether in order to strapping first
  • 02:31: queue input filter check set walk to the diode and one diode the first 2 so that there managed
  • 03:00: 3 and 4 diodes short no interruption in the diode also there but in such a situation may be cases such as diode bridge none of the diodes will not burn PWM controller let die yet
  • 03:30: anything and when the whole thing Change and can that happens to be that the machine will bring again with the ghost the fuses there is such the situation is that these diodes can get out failure later not just at the moment when burned to a shell later when he work and work a week or two, and some of the diodes as if before the end of breath and bring down but
  • 04:01: that it was not Diodes also desirable I'm here but I This lesson will not change so now we are check someone else Porn short if We have no short so short and there is no further diodes reverse
  • 04:31: communication whole entire with reverse diodes Communication recall that there they go to leakage what is mean the condition is not alive and not dead but the block supply can not run so I put a brand new chip vyper 22
  • 05:00: sealed and slightly not forgotten almost forgot we need to check religious stabilizer for feedback 431 because more often Of course in the storm cases, it stands on short and respectively breaks backward Us because of what
  • 05:30: possible power supply exits and will give increased stress or does not start so me capacitor 22 50 22 I went to the 63
  • 06:10: although here you can put 47 and he even probably would have been would have been and so much more I solder napryazhenka
  • 06:31: He remained thin no average average only refractory as well as not erase soldered so we continue with this device with your power supply changed the chip All checked piping and now it can be
  • 07:00: turn here and see hellou immediately possible run through voltage of 5 volts for another diode 10 volts and -10 volts
  • 07:32: power in our Normally this unit supply all