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  • 00:00: secret good any 19 o'clock in the morning I start make a new cake this recipe stunning does not mean giving a woman and and from classmates gave recipe from this feather that is it called pie bulk I such prescription never see, I have not seen so pie pour I seen as a pie pour will give poured, I did not see
  • 00:30: vobshchem I will try do this recipe i nothing there is not his add only that I'm a little bit I will add lemon a little bit but I think that it will not spoil recipe is unique Honestly and woman is this said or girlfriend said that it was not version ask this recipe when she someone is treating them cake I do not think that it just knows and in order not to To offend I think that it will be delicious although I such did not see never give us something need to start in recipe two kilograms of apples
  • 01:00: glass of flour glass manki a glass of sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder and 200 g butter here but I also have here a little less tired cowards under shirt terrible lost about something apples 1 lemon this I did for so that apples do not darkened after as they are around now I will show that It is necessary to do and so proceed semolina 200 I take one cup cups and I do not know
  • 01:30: how much but I think that how 250 grow here and so one calyx monkey enhances what am I to mama any kind of the same chalice sugar there cartoon them to the same there will be them that is we the dough is kneaded
  • 02:01: understand this no, and yet for us the recipe we need cinnamon this and such part of the flour is of course phenomenal recipe if everything works out and I will be very grateful that's as much a part but flour we are just so beautifully and
  • 02:38: baking powder we need two tea spoons then we have that age and at2 we are all just here so were and mix without everyones will burn the arbate some time all he is so and we it turned out oil on
  • 03:08: bright water is not this test for yak yogurt eggs , mayonnaise soft another joy here the dough does not go this mixture is already all I'm a 2016 toy now about purer all apples in first it is said because in the second recipe in the second I I think that on this must be clean because that she and the mixture starts to smell here so with your finger and each cloud I can not get it understand at least the
  • 03:38: bitten and just to see our science dream and this lower our he to him Khan well, memory is fast clean apples so and now quickly rubbing on a large grater apples around leave the heart this one is there
  • 04:09: quickly cut lemon until the apples not darkened Vladimir lemon grass sprinkle it the only thing I I will add here so juice lemon and all stir apples is not will act only with bones got all apples are rubbed together with juice
  • 04:43: apple flavor and lemon grass extruding super uses so sho not it is necessary to make take to the face open and sprinkle abundant apples so
  • 05:15: said like this cinnamon can these on I go conquer program to do and stir add not darkened at all medium and light fixtures from the lemon well if I I understood everything correctly everything is mixed here pour out means it will be three layers of apples mean 4 layer of top and bottom is obtained torment with semolina sugars with disintegrant and heart so disturb and
  • 05:45: fill in 1 2 3 4 no more will you not grab we spread all over plane not a date we lay apples and I will draw this did not see honest word that turns out can be given together
  • 06:16: considering neutral let's make 3 as a recipe once there is no volume 1 2 3 4 all we level we can so eat again layer 2 apples higher up
  • 06:51: places are not enough for will a louse look up my form is small of course this is the second layer of apples
  • 07:21: one two three four level up, rejoice leaving ourselves in the layout here apples are leveled
  • 07:57: the last layer is frozen from above we will not do it yet I 'll take a little bit flour checks are like this pinch of 200 g butter and
  • 08:30: in the beginning he said that we need here these 200 grams of butter go from above full simulator for pie we we are pressing frozen butter until his flour if another topic the cards are like this heap is necessary decompose T-shirt and take it from me
  • 09:16: do not lead recipe for a small boy you disappeared I know 150 grams I will frown on oil I think this is enough all the beauty I I'm sending to the oven 200 degrees per 1 10 minutes and then butter
  • 09:46: I will melt up to 180 gas that is also an oven electricity and more 30 minutes will look until the crust freezes from top to 200 degrees for ten minutes oil I will melt up to 180 bake and say how long I just came out from above pulled out and sprinkled with cinnamon just on top sprinkled powder all of the oil is so what a beauty honestly, even concepts
  • 10:18: I do not have what will be from two minutes an hour will push apart inside the flour is in general, well, on close supra pe host inside below will throw
  • 10:59: False mountains God to the delicious not represents thank you great on the truth said that it would be such behind this interlayer and it will be like a cake with acidic creams such
  • 11:29: narrow screwed sights us if somebody decided just sourish here on the way out of you right you said what not to try the truth asks for a recipe know not all hidden even the oil from this creamy but I put 150 grams of butter just freezes well keep in shape bulk pie
  • 11:59: even imagine dough is not necessary do not even have to bother for washing dishes test again turning installation plumber juicy juicy and if I'll show you near look how beauty is obtained to reduce the flour nothing little is all this awesome taste of having please, that's all ports of goats are such how my breads
  • 12:32: in general and so and urgently stun just stunned me I recommend from the bottom of my heart here is this cake thanks and huge 8:00 am I'm ready such a pie thank you you are huge I tried so start like the whole of everything goodbye everybody I'll mount the video and here is the second day and you I want to show how she cuts as it has the form see Islam simply delusion no words
  • 13:04: just like this such a thing is boring me perhaps cook and you will not regret Thank you for exactly a year soul in all will do this but twists sometimes even a dough is not necessary to do so and I to sour cream should be a drink milk flour editing permission a the doe is not pricked the butter was all baked
  • 13:34: it's all complicated forty-forty minutes ten minutes I baked afterwards half an hour somewhere a hundred eighty degrees mumps becomes such dense crust I need you ready