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Way of connection of details, part 2

Way of connection of details, part 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now a little bit to stretch reality to I have now I think it can be clearly seen It is preserved pigtail braid in it I pulled for this I knitting through a series of The latter is obtained amazing rovnenko exactly-exactly I braid Now I have prepared
  • 00:30: another stick it I have untied smoothly doubled to she is beautiful again in We had a 3 item and to whom cloth and density more than knitted all web about 1 to 6 and two dots I am for you just occult dress
  • 01:01: and here I have already linked I said shelf in advance and provyazyvaem kulirnaya smooth surface on the density of geese Again, I slide It was right because I will
  • 01:31: sew too right I knit from the left I turned ryadochek here backstitches loops chic as I have already prepared a tor on the legs and pain face
  • 02:01: I wore my cookies fastened to tension but not
  • 02:33: much I will touch here I have neither. Bravo tails all pen and density of 8 more stylist role will not play my if I loved
  • 03:15: any thing related when her why she sell so expensive that knitters can buy more cheaper yes I agree but I do not impose you You want not You do not want to order do not buy because that all models to
  • 03:45: I do not react hurry but so that the loop It was to ryadochek was ryadochek Yes, I wanted to say that in the same way I
  • 04:16: I sewed parts ie side seams the same hand Mova and if I do not see them from top to bottom I ' like knit sleeve top to bottom generally I try to do as much as possible because fewer seams I have it all a very long time get where there is no possibility
  • 04:47: I untie whole cloth I stitching game side seams and seams on arms me get so very elastic flour Nowhere do not remove because the dial loop in the loop and stitching see also in the loop
  • 05:21: loop this picture I turned but even
  • 05:53: Now I have turned such planchik close and not even steamed it is rovnenko Krasin Wrong side
  • 06:23: also to all