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5th lesson. Ubavka on an armhole.

5th lesson. Ubavka on an armhole.  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this small lesson I want to pay note triplets, and how usually at the armhole first you need to do single closing several loops is It depends on the size products in small dimensions June 4 loops on more like I close these loops to that they are not
  • 00:31: pulled them better close freely and additional Let the loop 10 loops so nominated for convenience of glasses on the other and back I take thread carriage and dragged away close to
  • 01:06: trap them and provyazyvaem the method crochet aerial loops Chains like this additional loop once removed from the loop needle provyazyvayu I grab a thread provyazyvayu loop ilyuzy next and so Further
  • 01:37: before removing the following loop with needle, we knit air loop removed loop knit back loop back loop knit loop, etc. thus not will effect tightness or under the arm just last
  • 02:08: They hung on the extreme needle and knit remove and here we obtained absolutely not overextended closed interval dressed with a thread again carriage here you can hang sinker cap and take a polygonal
  • 02:43: decker July 5 for the needle to then continue a butterfly the line of cut and for it because usually from 1 Butterflies are often through small the number of rows two or three times if two rows removed moved into two
  • 03:13: loop knit as when moving through two rows of leg Decker coal again there the effect of tightness of edge you can apply here this method simply take before transfer to nominate Temple manually check knit it again and Only then do
  • 03:45: transfer to ubavki and 2 again knit it have we free armhole line does not give she tightened and knit extreme hand so made in a jar
  • 04:23: and shall cover