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  • 00:00: okay I'm going to show the individual petals for the rose this is the shape of the petal that actually goes on the skewer there are four levels to a rose the center and three petals I'm going to demonstrate the three petals it's easier to get an idea of the shape on a flat surface so the first petal is actually an up and a down an up and a down CL has a little bit of a square shape mimics the shape of a rose a little better the second actually is a pivot it goes like that
  • 00:35: it's a pivot you pivot on the end of the large side of the rose petal and the third is a little wider it's the same pivot but a little wider same pivot but a little wider okay so this is a number for writing tip this can be done with the bag by itself no tip and also paper but I'm choosing to use a 104 to get a nice round shape
  • 01:05: I'm going to do a c-shape floral spray it's named to see because it looks like see you can kind of hear I'm actually dragging the tip along the tip of the table this would actually be the top of your cake and you can see on the back side is backwards you always do a set of
  • 01:35: three first gives you the best balance and if you want you can continue on to add to your shape this is a 352 leaf tip I'm going to show how to strike the leaf bag with leaves I generally stripe the bag and then mix the color in the bag more variegated your colors are more interesting your leaves are see the colors in the bag now
  • 02:07: I just use what's left on the spatula and mix the color in you do want to leave some white to get variegated colors on your leaves okay I'm working with a 124 rose tip and a skewer we're going to do roses on the skewer this is a commercial technique it makes a much prettier flower than on the nail
  • 02:38: it's also a much quicker and it makes it much more agile for actually placing on the cake which I'll show you in a moment to begin the rose tip you need to move your skewer out to the end of your fingers want to practice that move it's your thumb and your middle finger thumb and middle finger you're going to need to roll backwards and then forward backward and then forward we're going to start at the forward movement and come back
  • 03:08: we're going to touch start to squeeze spin your skewer to get your Center we're going to come up and under the tip here and do our up and down one two three it's important to notice that I'm not so much moving the tip as I am using pressure to get the top of my rose I'm going to spin back again and go in the
  • 03:39: middle of one of my petals second row one two three it's important to start just on top of the last petal and four so we've got three four and the next will be six we're going to tilt our skewer away from us just a little bit angle our bag just a little bit back towards ourselves one two three four
  • 04:09: five and six notice I have not moved my back I've turned my skewer I'm going to put the bag down now and show you the dismount my slim frame you bring your scissors here you're going to pull down on the skewer and turn as you do and there's your rose on a skewer
  • 04:39: I have previously put on the top of a turntable a c-shape spray and I'm going
  • 05:09: to show the placement of the roses here one of the great things about doing roses on skewers you can aim them any direction I'm going to start about a third of the way in on my spray close the scissors behind and use the skewer to remove the scissors I can place a little bit of icing underneath and I've got a nice angle on my flower so now I'm going to add leaves
  • 06:43: please generally go under the large flowers and on top of the smaller I have striped a leaf bag to get more interesting variegated leaves and I'm going to tuck right in here behind these two roses I'm going to use a zigzag shape with this leaf tip zigzag and build and release at the edges to get a nice sharp point here you'll see the
  • 07:13: leaf kind of go up on top of what is a sweet pea there you have a nice spray you can
  • 07:45: continue on to embellish your spray in a number of ways but I'm going to use my 104 writer and just add some dots in and making a little bit of baby's breath always go out and away from your Center there you go