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Self-made tool-grinding machine No. 3 "Наждак-гриндер" - YouTube

Self-made tool-grinding machine No. 3 "Наждак-гриндер" - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello this I want to show the video your homemade grinder number three I called emery grinder I did it in the autumn of 2012 of the year first it was simple sandpaper after it looked several videos about Grinder and I
  • 00:31: a desire to give you a grinder with minimal costs slightly I thought and decided upgrade your Emery finally spring 2013 appeared here this unit's I originally udelal that's standard tape from grinders size of 533 and 610 millimeters
  • 01:03: tape or disbanded 3 or 4 ribbons I will say that once tapes do not work liked very Grinder is a thing I'll tell you some while I worked on short customer's It appeared also to me desire to do upgrade it
  • 01:34: for longer tape in this case set tape 1250 millimeters What conclusions did after working on tapes well in the first if the handle Blade of the workpiece less heated by I think, and the longer the Tape the longer it not heated
  • 02:04: blades for knives on this installation you can do both straight down to pad here in this place so the same can be done with concave slopes if the handle Template on drive rollers here in this area tension drive
  • 02:36: belt made or loosening or twisting this stud now a little I tell of what was It made for Nastya night almost all the iron was Duck and bought the price we have closer
  • 03:06: kilogram basis stanochka this square 120 millimeters, and also was used saint in some places 25 and 35 millimeters millimeters in length machine 490 bases width of 240 meters millimeters
  • 03:37: maximum height installation 400 mm weight about the whole structure 15-17 Vahram also stanochke used video timing belt from some vase bought for 120 rubles store Circuits black and
  • 04:08: It was bought by stuffy brake drum Eight of cost he told me 50 rubles the only thing I had to turn to turners to pulled out perehodnichki Here pasted clips motion and old belt timing here's this video
  • 04:38: and stuffy from the belt timing belt tensioner Engine timing here I am using the old stiralki 1420 rpm per minute and 180 watt capacities cheap rather weak well nothing can work RPM and speed Ribbon can be changed
  • 05:08: driven rollers in this case It means that clip size can be also set larger diameter ring or less then corresponds to speed or increase tape tape speed or decrease If we work on the grindstones you can change the discount let's say there are at
  • 05:38: engine set this one longer rod diameter speed stone will increase turnover if put on a slave shaft it turns the other way around decrease this hole used for adjustment spring tension well, respectively, belt tension upper holes You need to install the lever stopper
  • 06:09: if suddenly during work will belt breakage the lever is not flying too much up under influence springs here will stop tape set and It removed very easily Here is a simple click the lever Segment place after this requires a little twist and
  • 06:39: You can turn It is the same working if the machine
  • 07:13: is used for work on the obvious Riding it is necessary install Here's a protection during the operation
  • 07:46: this stanochka I you can also link I stick with it so that he I learned to control this one stanochka the power of thought that is, I can either include any turn off the engine Look case again including Well, I think in Russia I guessed
  • 08:16: course for joking to during work I have hands free I made such homemade pedal if that push the is switched on engine off again the engine is very convenient way for the shaft stanochka was machined
  • 08:46: in this figure is Emery just so manner fixed shaft this mechanism the tension of the drive belt test run Grinder turned Here's a tip to emery which converts it into grinder fixed nozzle with
  • 09:17: bolts In this mode, the most maximum speed shaft this brake drum Eight of the sleeve for brake drum from this saucepan made defense when work on the stones colored made
  • 09:49: protection beginning in May 2014 I want to say a big Thanks to his father since he fulfilled all welding works Dad thanks also thanks to all who I am watching the video all while