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How to grind knives on the meat grinder by means of adaptation.

How to grind knives on the meat grinder by means of adaptation.  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to sharpen life for grinder in home well here made two devices and very easy to do literally from improvised here our knives so I can He imprisoned timed just can imprisoned for five minutes
  • 00:30: This work is not manually I did it for drilling machine to drill stanochke here are here are two facilities Now I will tell you and show Why and how I made them do accessories Now that's a knife I I took Furniture bolt we have 8 bolt
  • 01:02: millimeters and thread length 70 mm this bolt here here under his hat do not look square this knife it It becomes and just it becomes clear hat and so what We put here he comes and becomes tight
  • 01:35: well I took this bolt and cut wear hat and I Now this has turned here's a little square Now I removed the burrs take here on this bolt washer under it then take Now I put the spring I put a piece of tube to me pinched and even a washer and now I clamp the well to
  • 02:06: end it all depends on of what it tight not tight at all of you now I take the edge of the insert drilling I click and paste can in this square a round knife, I took just exactly the same a bolt Only I had already cut off completely without I square square So I do not need a cut hat, and that's what
  • 02:38: I was able to this bolt I end up Tighten the nuts to 8 Then he picked up here so here's plate Drill under it hole for eight drill Drill set our plate top twisted bloodhound later I placed here and so from this side when I put here And so with this
  • 03:08: I took the hand plate said center and drilled screw chetverochku Four wines and length he dressed 21 millimeters what I got on this side, I two nut tightened and then a second nut law fucks well the second began try to put
  • 03:38: but I have not a bit It turned out badly The entrance is very tight I took the inside here here's Needle file com Stoch just make it Free sign up here see this nut for control right here on central pieces I I took too spring-loaded just a little Trevi here. and set the edge of the spring
  • 04:09: in spring I I tried to align to a little equalize her spring-loaded plane one side and I took the other like this here tongs so here with this hand here and so pliers took her buckled also made with other side and
  • 04:39: Now I insert here here spring twists chuck I present in the insert hole and see I'm here and so put and to have my spring spring la but at the same , the central I did a little rod of longer literally a pair of three millimeters and I get round is inserted into the center if I do a little bit here
  • 05:10: little engagement there are literally two millimeter if I poddavlivat spring then I get David spring evenly the whole knife plane emery wheel so here it is look like I press down and but
  • 05:41: not very crushing a little bit so that I so central Now that it does not touch our skin you a little bit and a spring-loaded We do sharpening here so here's a simple System now I you show how It is on drill press Here we take our knives sharpen here this edge That such should be
  • 06:21: kromochka by video world also sharpen youtube and it is prologue I cooked vodichku and powerful vodichku that but certainly our brain superheater forces Well look at that turned our
  • 06:51: kromochke very clearly deduced all are now working to drill beat our accommodation I insert the cartridge tighten insert we omit the knife's
  • 07:23: I turn on one I think the place has no hands strayed hole or quietly these move the our look we
  • 08:15: I get slightly lifted but not completely removed, and I turn to us knife flew look look here here's to make it kromochka kromochka very good see I have a knife ready Yes all edges are very
  • 08:45: sharp all this knife we ready take our adaptation We put the same tighten set spring-loaded here fall and spring-loaded we get our prim holes so here
  • 09:21: observe equipment keep security a knife that he was emery wheel Never lift up on that because inertia knife he can fly down then only turn and switch off be sure to include I traveled crush on since
  • 09:53: so that the spring brought but this time to You have a central so as not rested on emery wheel We look at all we have get well here course development very large and I have to work longer again put this is what people while we
  • 10:23: Now this is not the whole of the be uniform continue Well, that's already come to quickly end I was picked up nazhdachku corn a little bit more and just faster is better remove and then after We walked through it on fine sandpaper even on nazhdachki
  • 10:53: It is faster cAUTION hOT take us assume in vodichku that's all I shlifanul on sandpaper sandpaper I I advise you to take cloth because on Paper on the paper nazhdachku if you
  • 11:24: to nip the it on and adhesive and can you wrap it this is good and well here all we go check our knives But look here, our fit by plane should fell from a clear I put a piece of paper presses here
  • 11:59: I cut a piece of paper and that's yet I take a thick thread shoe's look just cut all knives perfect condition to one from the other I think in the hand home
  • 12:30: such a device just need well that's all good luck