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Greasing of the closed non-demountable bearings, cunning - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to show one lubrication method rolling bearings to train anther despite all my efforts and the efforts of couch and wolves and other thin and Generally prickly and so further items Bellow did not I wanted to go outside
  • 00:30: but to grease bearing all the same you need to now I show pretty as a simple way it is possible to grease how to grease you need to clean it Of course it is possible but do gasoline bearings are not very old therefore a few simple I wash vedeshkoy after the infusion itself
  • 01:03: young ankles bearing slides on cleaning as dry You see rotates then once more grease fill scroll and wipe So how can Press in grease there where nothing even crawl
  • 01:34: where even a needle not basement of a syringe needle not to stroke here and way to fairly plain take plastic package curl his and pushes the middle bearing him so tightly tightly joined us something like that little spoken Let's brute in a tube 000 any even possible
  • 02:04: basically syringe Basically dial and I have cut from Bix with Ottoman I use take it tube very exactly cut off his neck The same applies to the syringe I do not add a little additives literally a modicum of davim grease until
  • 02:34: will begin to flow from the reverse side you can start act just our We begin to yield rotate to grease distributed as it only the inner cage slightly rotated and
  • 03:05: add to this hand grease already climbed here's a little bit more and all everything is now all that left is just pick it up and wipe Now bearing
  • 03:41: swirling very gently inside there grease it is not rustling and ready for the I hope you had useful for this movie put the huskies signed by all luck while for those who are more He wants details read about lubrication rolling bearings I found a very good article link that I'll post a video