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  • 00:00: hi Hedge trial today because as already noticeable some items near you me is you have realized that I talk about how to stir up in their garden or where I there in the forest spared in underground just such remarkable adaptation It made of ordinary copper tubes better to have a copper So this tube Now you need to bend in this way to suit inside drown the stove will stove firewood to heat through one bent will supply water on the other hand will get longer
  • 00:30: hot available Here's a very here's a simple thing here is how I have It showed standing water will go in a spiral warm all nishtyak and will to come out from behind yonder here great compressor and all you will nishtyak and so my case is one from here such a corpse already are set to know how Now we start on top below this bottom with cranes system Exactly here Now that the whole system served cold water the bottom of the stove
  • 01:00: see further on spiral rises and up here with this place goes hot Water is also must hens for this bar which hot water going and order to your container he was not shattered It goes through the book 2 system, the couple have goes through this tube always hot water under pressure wonderful here or liver who gives us free and for heat by the very mobile
  • 01:30: existing and logs and so very recommend now I tear off and I show by this is some water normal here you are please you an example It follows hot water It is not so heated with wood everything is very simple you can figure out how to no mechanical supply of water but also so Further thanks for all Attention we subscribe to channel and wait for the new video