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  • 00:00: hello today I'll show you the idea for with a large repair minimum investments and also this may be your ideas your own show business today on the example of Egyptian stone here he is it turns colors you can do such as you want but properly polyurethane form
  • 00:30: Egyptian stone today we do the cornerstone because this one can be sent through an angle and it turns the corner there are of course we Egyptian simply bricks but Currently I there is no such form because of our good shape sold out so I show how a corner do another Egyptian stone will it work we Today, of course, with gypsum and so for this We need capacity
  • 01:00: trowel or spatula it is necessary and dyes and ye will do choose color where you need to your repair on color time color it with us plaster molding certainly in the details I I advise you so better plaster work lime and pushonka proper water nothing else to this is not necessary so we
  • 01:30: starting from the start I suggest pigments do it here Here's a bright and fireplace with brown vstavochki for this we put a spoon see my plastic spoon pigment bowl so now we take lime pushonka Courts pigment directly adding and actually water's merge water
  • 02:01: Well to continue and not to smear our delicate hands now! stir and cons lime joint zheltenkie Vodicka It happened here we need to stone strength And now actual pics all fall asleep
  • 02:31: do can be purely carefully and literally give lime and plaster at x8c stand for at least half minute and in the meantime take brown pigment and paint over the places that will we interesting and chaotic okay as you want the big finger
  • 03:06: brown dry pigment stain ways of painting Now knead gypsum Gypsum is necessary to fill in year and the dough liquid consistency sour cream Now we have a good pro knead it like dough I I want to remind that
  • 03:38: it's all we do in home understand that it demonstration video here Leave plaster ready no need to remove It is the first glove fill form I fill in the day Ukrainian I want to remind you that their form polyurethane
  • 04:09: we sell We carry all of delivery across Ukraine new mail phone screen Now you can a little about vibrate for to well It was settled our dough That's actually all ready year
  • 04:39: what is the charm polyurethane from ford you see I in just a minutes when you will do stripping But now the process stripping in the form of our tiles It stood for about 20 minutes about 20 minutes, I because I see that it is already it can be almost ready It has to be removed and I want to remind you that the cost one square meter of such tiles to 20 hryvnia very
  • 05:09: beneficial against price which store that go from 150 and above, and so stripping in our forums is just fun they can be removed say jump out 1 Only of course it It should be done carefully because we have not given
  • 05:39: her stand up well form We take out almost immediately see how it comes out easily our polyurethane shaped forms we do from the English polyurethane Jurassic e d MDL 45 strength Shore 45 This means that it suitable for both
  • 06:09: plaster work and to work with concrete Here's a turned our Egyptian plitochki we lay out but you and I I also want to again recall that it corner memory is even a stone which just go bricks you under the the same pattern Here's a he I turned again I want to draw your attention to our polyurethane form Form grams et45 it is very convenient
  • 06:40: so durable something simply impossible even and think of how much on it is possible to make Now such instances Tile is our phone you You see on the screen delivered new mail