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Asteroid Apofis. Exact date is known on April 13, 2029. apophis asteroid 2036  See details »

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  • 00:00: asteroid apophis all can collide with the ground to such a conclusion specialists came according to their calculations This will happen through 17 years the force of impact will suffice in a fraction of a second destroy the whole continent nikolay diacov learned can prevent an end light exact time possible apocalypse already known before Seconds Friday 13 April 2029 4:36 AM in Greenwich mean the energy of 65 thousand atomic bombs asteroid
  • 00:30: apophis with a mass of 50 million tons and with a diameter of 320 meters cross the orbit of the moon and rush to the ground at a speed of 45 thousand kilometers per hour from one of its fall of energy release will be as from a hundred or thousands of very large atomic bombs and although no radiation there no to the atmosphere an enormous amount of dust the same will come nuclear winter scientists are looking for ways to stop
  • 01:00: deadly way main idea change orbit one offer set to apophyses rocket engine others throw away aggressor frontal impact of space ship and the third undermine nuclear charge although scientists catastrophe and sigh all this asteroid nobody will stop because it is large and general we are nuclear explosion he will do volumetric explosions it's me I think it's very
  • 01:30: dangerous because he will cover a huge territory as Tunguska in a collision apophis may to do unseen the ills of his fall falls on the band at fifty kilometers running through central america and atlantic hundreds of cities face complete destruction but even if the apophis will fall into the ocean a funnel is formed depth of 3 and diameter 8 kilometers from which in all directions tsunami waves will run as a result, say coast of florida will fall under the blow 20 meter waves that within an hour will be
  • 02:00: crumble to the mainland however, this rendezvous lump as assure scientists still fly by the ground at a distance of 30 thousand kilometers and here are the further The meetings can be fatal even if from you do not collide happen on the following it will be continue close to the ground and chance that but not after 50 years and there after 150 the collision still will remain However, in Russia already develop their way to save all planet from
  • 02:30: apocalypse potential enemy need to know in person for this apophyses plan to send so-called gravitational he will study the tractor The behavior of this his body composition and try deflect orbit asteroid to exclude even the slightest likelihood collisions with land mission is planned for 2020 Nikolay deacons and dmitry kaistro