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Device For Fast Definition of the Center of the Circle  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello. Welcome to Victor on the channel self-made machines and tools. Today I want to offer you one simple homemade device for rapid determination center of the circle. Sometimes it is necessary to drill a hole exactly in the center circular part and this device is used to determine this point.
  • 00:33: To make this device, I needed a piece of plywood, two slats and glue point. The work itself is shown in the video, nothing complicated. However, there is one trick. Sometimes I've seen commercials for the manufacture of such devices, but all I noticed that one mistake
  • 01:03: It leads to an inaccurate definition of the center of the round parts, namely - on any roll first made tool body and then cut through the central slot like the median, that is in the middle of the corner. But to cut precisely using conveyers, manual or stationary task quite difficult -
  • 01:37: slit necessarily shift to the left or right, and that It leads to an erroneous determination of the center within a half, or even two or three millimeters from the true position center, which is unacceptable in the manufacture of e.g. rollers of a machine. This will lead to the beating and vibration. So I decided to change the order of fabrication, first
  • 02:12: I cut a slit in the plywood and then measured out equal angles from the slit and glued along lines restrictive bordyurchiki. I angles are 45 degrees, but can be other, most importantly, that the angles were equal. The accuracy of a stunning, can not even see any eye deviations, as you could see at the beginning of the video.
  • 04:09: Now I have only cut the excess, sanded and paint this device. These operations do not affect the accuracy of the instrument. If you liked this video, and you find it
  • 09:57: helpful, mark it Like. I will be glad to read your opinion on its merits and disadvantages, it will allow me to improve future videos. Bye. Thank you for your interest in this video, until we meet again on my channel.