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Healings of the BODY AND CONSCIOUSNESS: The SUPER CURING HAWAIIAN EQUIPMENT of Ho'oponopono  See details »



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  • 00:00: 0 and focus friends I'm all welcome in this Lesson in this training today will be with us you are truly magic day because what am I giving you today just miraculous technique that helps people and helps people in all over the world perhaps you someone already heard about this technique, someone tried someone else not I tried personally their large
  • 00:30: trainings and seminars always without exception I use this method and finally it's time with you share this Hawaiian methods which is called Hope Well Come on it translates as correct the error or do the right thing the essence of this methodology thing is we have a lot of unconscious thoughts we are very much unconscious past actions experience recollect see sometimes
  • 01:00: people ask themselves the question is, I think knowingly not attracted a similar situation in order to I was angry like with a good I think it's like everything and rightly so why my life before there are still people why attracted there unpleasant situations unpleasant events because it is subconscious there is some kind of part you do not control in this her they do not know and you does not matter
  • 01:31: from within comes a similar vibration then there is me The world is for you reflection in the mirror and if we compare the method hooponopono as method that helps to heal a person with an ordinary methodology for which doctors of people doctors as a doctor separates itself from the patient that is the doctor let's say healthy when he comes to him the patient tells about their diseases man wants to get some kind of recipe does not that doctor himself
  • 02:02: separates from the patient that is this he needs the patient help I'm healthy I will not assist in the method Hooponopono when person works with he is such a transformers converter energy around that he is his energy he begins to heal begins to heal people who fall into his field its space then have when he occurs near him people get sick of it this perceives a person who works with this methodology for one hundred percent
  • 02:33: responsibility is there is this he is responsible for what now came to he is a man who pain that is it is his personal a responsibility he can not understand why some painful some memories sensations are somehow the installation program somewhere deep inside it is also for in order to neutralize it uses this he pronounces what words are 4 designs would be 4 affirmations he speaks inside
  • 03:03: I love you myself forgive me me very much sorry, thank you that is, 4 such design when you say i love you this is what you address as though mentally to the god what do i love forgive me forgive me for what I'm learning ignorance keeping the dark something is doing my mind is an
  • 03:35: tool that creates my life but this tool is not gives me the opportunity it's just like tool but that's how spoon yes you understand in order to eat filling and not always we do not we can always track our filling is a layer for the layer we need cleanse yourself destructive energy from destructive programs and here you are ask forgiveness for that forgive me my lord that I do not know what I am
  • 04:06: did before or not knew why happens to me it is very a pity that so happened and I'm ready to follow you act help me in this and thank you that is, you give opportunity intervene in a higher power higher energy so that they cleared your your consciousness your body's subconscious
  • 04:36: your memories are all bind to the past so that you could heal part yourself and free up clean energy at decision but also some kind of task or improve say so your body or healing your body this is very strong a powerful technique I have for you I will say in secret that when working on development of healing
  • 05:06: healing healer activate it qualities that are the healer has all the channels that is, simply in people become me psychic then these of people let it stand their man together unites in one place and it is not clear what they will be there now some now dedication to pass not of these people begins give them exercise they must embrace each other and talk
  • 05:36: I love you and such interaction about 100 that is 100 people which they wrote take this person and say to him I love you and embrace that is you Learn to discover your love portal its energy because that for a simple love energy this energy is which is all right is growing or where we say all this is here love energy but in order to activate oneself
  • 06:07: here is this style here ethical force healing condition of one's body your body be sure I'm saying love you press please forgive I'm very sorry thank you these four affirmations are these four designs can very strongly change your life you are standing in the subway in transport in something annoying you say it the most amazing that when you
  • 06:37: start to do it here notice, at least walks test at least once and you will understand greater force, as it were, in such simple words how your life can change is feeling that your field here I am this myself do when something starts me also derive from equilibrium field when you say everything around it's vanity so many all such nervous then let's say momentum in space in the a whip and you say I
  • 07:07: love you forgive me me very much sorry, thank you and here you are saying this is how a prayer know this as man another within yourself read your field expands and you you will see that in where you are there is a wave which are from you it proceeds it will be work for peace and this comforting space is very strong technique this technique people
  • 07:37: many diseases especially skin diseases all kinds of psoriasis and eczema many dermal diseases by the way why on my channel write you the way from just such diseases as their cure as their heal so that you knew that in medicine I just have acquaintances physicians in medicine does not even exist such a disease as allergies or as here is dermal disease well in direct sense here
  • 08:08: is admissible since liver disease is one hundred percent psychosomatic disease that is as a rule this disease are formed due to a strong psychological stress and often this is due to the child trauma when the child without own own model life and views his own life he could not show his position and he is inside remains depressed due to the fact that he did not
  • 08:39: I was able to do this but his body with time starts it show that is his body, too, like she flaps in wounds she how would it be like that bloody such tears know that person combing happens this is because that a person has survived divorce of parents in small in the children's age and when mom with the daddy swore scandalized simply so you do not try find a bunch there any means of ointment for the decision this problem if we take in general this
  • 09:09: take this method he can improve heal the mind harmonizer the most powerful he heals your body you become, as it were, doctor healer healer for himself and for all around but the main key that all events which you attract you from do not refuse them but you take it upon yourself one hundred percent
  • 09:39: responsibility for what exactly is now I have a scandal or just now I something stole it is mine responsibility give Did it draw then it's my fault or well, that is, Your you if you take it and work and start recite this meditation begin disclose data The words you have with help this technique the cleansing space you are so will work in
  • 10:09: premises and if now they are watching me I know that the majority are women women hear me work with im thinking your can like atmosphere of energy where does the man come she must be she must to be pleasantly warm filled with love that is, your internal work your desire to create such atmosphere at you there is already a technique clean your homes
  • 10:39: clean your space if y you have some unbalanced now a relationship or outstanding issues say it you will see how much will you become easier and Now you have will be an opportunity listen to several minutes meditation this with the same words close your eyes tune and say together with me I I write specially For you this you can to feel her inside feel
  • 11:09: behold focus on volume when you recite say it like these words lie down right on your heart you you know how plastics gramophones these here imagine that this is recorded at the level of 4 cups here at the level of your heart and then you just for at the right time join and reproduce this and I'm just this meditation will do separate in a separate track because
  • 11:39: today I give an explanation for this practice and plus itself practice in the future so you all this text and all this explanation is not auditioned just separate fulfill practice the technique itself and meditation and so on. who is ill with whom some diseases Dear friends thank now your body will fall in love learn it with him do not talk like with the servant and learn talk to him as their partners allies of helpers love your body and thank god for
  • 12:09: what does he give us disease because Imagine a disease gives us the opportunity as a signal we can to receive a signal about that we were knocked over from the right the way we do something not so we need something need to reconsider improve leave if we did not hurt here we go to them we go all of you there accumulates some kind of there destructive some programs protection bodies are all there barely thousand and we are not sick we are not more than we go want to go and so again and suddenly into one
  • 12:39: second fell and they died horribly it is therefore more also part of God's plan that is god you bless to you now understood that you are not so what do you need? need to draw attention you be sure thank your body tell me what you heard it or you he is listening that he is with this disease of your body He wants to inform you say what you need improve on and correct in yourself and how expensive
  • 13:09: friends tune in and now we together with you will perform this chic Hawaiian technique Hubble meditation on sex proceed now so we start practice healing your body and consciousness in the result of this practice your internal state get rid of negative and destructive programs and you can
  • 13:40: convert these program with higher forces in positive and creative place sit down like this that your back was smooth and make deep breath with an exhalation, let go all their problems are all unnecessary
  • 14:11: and superfluous thoughts try focus on only on himself and his internal state and take another breath and with exhalation feel them
  • 15:08: every phrase and every word let them each word with its powerful vibration penetrates inside of you and you repeat i I love you very much it's a pity please forgive me thank you feel the power in every word and continue repeat I love I'm sorry for you
  • 15:40: please forgive me thank you powerful force penetrates inside your consciousness you transmit all destructive negative programs thoughts painful memories all that you are tormented by all that creates complexes and fears you give it
  • 16:11: Lord in order that he was washing and neutralized it in your memory in order to that your life and the way became lighter filled with strength happiness and love and continue repeat I love I'm sorry for you please plant thank you uttering these words
  • 16:44: you feel inside self- change like something inside of you becomes more light more theta easier and released this Your soul is purified from painful memories complexes and fear from different species locks and what creates your diseases and continue repeat and I love I 'm sorry for you
  • 17:14: please raise thank you immerse in these four installation four phrases 4 major states for your soul say i love you I'm sorry please forgive
  • 17:45: me thank you every time with every pronunciation you feel a tide forces you feel like higher powers work with your body and consciousness how is your body heals with each second and you continue
  • 18:16: to say I love I 'm sorry for you please forgive me thank and something very important is happening now about your soul you consciousness it is cleared of everything that prevents your life of that does not give you strength from what takes your energy absorbs it
  • 18:47: and you now have unique chance and opportunity receive with the heart this prayer and speak again and I love you very much to me sorry, please forgive me thank you let this
  • 19:23: words penetrate inside of you deep in consciousnesses healing it and deeply your body heals and I love you very much to me sorry, please forgive me, thank you you speak and
  • 19:55: continue talking these words feel like your the field becomes wider and more like vibrations joy and happiness begin to emanate from you and your body you launch a powerful process of healing yourself and say and I love you to me
  • 20:27: very sorry, please forgive me thank you feel like joy and peace come yours inner world doing him bright techies through you and nice and we finish doing
  • 21:04: healing meditation you are smooth return to real world doing deep breath breathing again and exhalation appreciate your state
  • 21:35: thank the higher force for help and their work say it heart meditation every day in any negative situation
  • 22:05: let it be powerful tool with with which you will affect own health consciousness but with you was Svetlana horticultural I wish everyone happiness