chepurina tatyana

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Meditation Healing of the Body and Ho'oponopono's Consciousness  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] so we begin practice of healing body and consciousness as a result this practice is yours internal state get rid of negative and destructive programs and you can convert these
  • 00:32: program with higher forces positive and so creative proceed select a convenient place sit down like this that your back was even and make a deep inhaling with exhalation release all your problems are all unnecessary and superfluous thoughts
  • 01:03: try focus on only on himself and his internal state and take another breath and with an exhalation you feel ease within yourself and your body we begin pronounce words which are fully change your inner world
  • 01:34: heal your body and will improve your consciousness repeat with me and i love you I'm sorry please forgive thank you about the every phrase and every word let them each word with its powerful
  • 02:04: vibration penetrates inside you and you repeat and I love I 'm sorry for you saw
  • 02:46: penetrates your mind you transmit all destructive negative programs painful thoughts memories all that you are tormented everything that creates complexes and fears you give it to the gentlemen in order for it erased and neutralized it in your memory in order to that your life and way become more light filled by the power of happiness and love and keep on
  • 03:17: repeat and I love I 'm sorry for you please forgive me thank you uttering these words you feel inside self- change like something inside of you becomes more light more theta easier and released this
  • 03:49: Your soul is purified from painful memories complexes and fears from different species locks and what creates your diseases and continue repeat I love I 'm sorry for you please raise thank you immerse in these four installation four phrases 4 major states
  • 04:19: for your soul speak and I love I 'm sorry for you please forgive me thank you [music] every time with every pronunciation you feel a tide
  • 04:50: forces you feel like higher powers work with your body and consciousness how is your body heals with each second and you continue to say I love I 'm sorry for you and please forgive me thank you for something very important
  • 05:20: is happening now about your soul and your consciousness it is cleared of everything that prevents your life from that does not give you strength from what takes your energy absorbs it and you now there is unique chance and opportunity receive with the heart this prayer and speak again and I love you very much to me sorry please grow
  • 05:52: not thank you [music] let this words penetrate inside of you deep in consciousnesses healing it and deeply your body heals and
  • 06:22: [music] I love you very much to me sorry, please forgive me thank you speak and continue talking feel these words how is your field
  • 06:54: becomes wider and more like vibrations joy and happiness begins to emanate from you and your body you launch a powerful process of healing yourself and say and I love you to me very sorry, please forgive me
  • 07:24: thank you feel like joy and peace come yours inner world doing his bright techies clean and nice and we finish
  • 07:55: do a healing meditation you smoothly return to real world taking a deep breath and exhalation breathing again and exhalation [music] appreciate your state
  • 08:25: [music] [music] thank the higher force for help and their work [music] say this heart meditation daily any negative of the situation, she
  • 08:56: will be powerful tool with with which you will affect own health consciousness [music] but with you was Svetlana horticultural I wish everyone happiness [music]