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  • 00:00: magazine world of fantasy is fbr shaun agent
  • 00:59: archer for many years hunt for a fire tripartite terrorist the highest class he has a personal motive 6 years ago bonfire killed little son archera and now the villain is caught and lies in a coma however, somewhere in the city the bomb is ticking and only one person knows where is her little brother
  • 01:29: castor and pollux archer agrees to complex surgical transplant operation skin and get someone else's face bonfire three in a new guise, he goes to jail where he sits to look at conjure up secrets from him meanwhile bonfire comes to and the answer is assigned Archer's face and then his life and glory his family real arcade remains one and in alien appearance and now he needs to get out
  • 01:59: defeat the enemy save their loved ones and return your own appearance and life most movies about werewolves us lie but what's terrible in shaggy beasts which is all you can what bite or slash one's nails even when they
  • 02:29: are capable of trickery or go into flocks this is nonsense much scarier when werewolf is not giant wolf but your own copy and not colleagues are not friends are not family nothing will be suspected until the monster in your shape will not cause hit a picture without a face really scary Movie although the genre is not horror but rather
  • 03:00: fantastic thriller stands for a moment imagine what it is you yourself fell into the same situation and villain with your face is walking now among relatives and friends and immediately cold breaks sweat is common for Hollywood interpretation similar plot is comedy you can recall
  • 03:34: Freaky Friday theirs changed bodies make a wish the boy in my girl second me the opposite is the whole chain and dozens of other well to amateurs domestic cinema just remember the cycle films love carrots where in within the same family bodies exchanged heroes of both sexes and all ages There is no situation here
  • 04:12: nothing comic villain who stole someone else's body access in the innermost corners of life hero and nothing You can not be made possible just try to protect loved ones from werewolf and there as well lucky creators the film was John Woo-woo staged about two and a half dozens of pictures first movies with eastern martial arts of low class comedies like that and in the second half eighties
  • 04:42: somewhat different gang fighters before received an invitation come to Hollywood there he tried force on a difficult targets with van dumma and broken sagittarius travolta in 1997 on the screens went out without faces besides the beloved director John travolta in the main heroes got nicholas cage each of these two actors have their own established habitual role travolta
  • 05:12: mock- brazen cage suffering and thin feeling it is in the first part paintings they both depict uncharacteristic of them patterns of behavior but with an increase actions with exchange of bodies both return to typical for themselves roles and remain in them most of the screen in time in general I wonder why on
  • 05:43: the main roles were invited to unlike each other their actors miscellaneous not only faces differs literally all growth weight form skull, however, we talk about transplantation face alone apparently for the director it was important to show that looks nonsense the main character that the identity of the person he is quite managed first it was assumed that action picture will occur in
  • 06:13: future it explained where would you come from such thin surgical technology however the director did not want so that viewers distracted by futuristic the entourage was It is necessary that all the attention of viewers focused on interaction heroes on psychological and dramatic moments of the plot complex tricks producers planned to do on background of the green screen but John Woo categorically insisted on
  • 06:43: traditional field surveys scene of the pursuit of boats were invented by him for film is a difficult target but van damme refused participate in it Cage and Travolta were more agreeable course for the most part in The scene was not actors and their understudies in particular, here it's clearly visible however this is already
  • 07:18: story for our next section inlet bullets in neighboring frames is on different heights pay attention to
  • 07:59: rearview mirror a few seconds ago his there was no trace helicopter landed sean archer took off for some reason, some extraneous pilot archer sits in
  • 08:43: helicopter pay attention in the door is only a small hinged window but when shooting outside the window looks like completely differently traces of bullets on the general
  • 09:13: and close-ups look different although the three hit glass helicopter cabin was short-lived his triumph when the helicopter flew to hangar glass again there was a whole and flasher on
  • 09:55: police car also self-healing extremely good the cable is visible attached to the back agent from the corner of the box
  • 10:37: sticker disappears if you believe the database date of death little michael 9 September but if you believe the inscriptions
  • 11:10: on the gravestone 24 what do you think hand archer rubs his forehead right or left of course it did not
  • 11:46: without reflection operators scar archer and us show twice and he looks differently another reflection
  • 12:24: cameras and here in the frame I got the whole picture crane through a wet shirt
  • 12:57: shine through safety belts boat nose perforated anchor lightning fast heals back here archer sticks
  • 13:30: harpoon in the leg three a tip in the blood change of frame and blood disappeared and therefore the cord of the handle to body three the harpoon attracted Three and Archer laid
  • 14:09: into the machine attention collar three is clean the camera on second moves to archesa then which returns collar entirely smeared with blood castor and pollux are given the main villain is not just so they emerged from the Greek myth Diaz Brothers chickens
  • 14:39: one of which was mortal and the other immortal brothers loved each other friend so much that chose the general posthumous fate dividing immortality in half one day they spend with the gods on Olympus and the other with shadows in the realm of Hades during a hike in
  • 15:18: attic castor dioscor like the castor troy in the movie was injured by an arrow in A leg in honor of the castor and pollux is named constellation of twins I wonder what the name is Shona Archer Sagittarius also refers to the name of the constellation so everyone the protagonist there was a firmament with Oscar the picture was unlucky but she received full package nominations for the award mtv both
  • 15:49: actor got into nomination is the best male role the best villain and naturally better a screen duo who and turned out winners fees also did not disappoint exceed the budget the second at a cost of 80 million film brought the creator more than two hundred and forty five and a half million dollars yes and the film itself ends optimistic about the truth is there some more alternative the ending of which
  • 16:19: very few people know and in it all somewhat less town hall Yes she is and I thought a lot