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  • 00:00: Hello, create video about what is crack in the programs you everyone noticed when you download some the program you need there is written a tablet crack or tablet there key or tablet there or cured and if you the face means The program established and she does not work herself you need nothing more if there written file file
  • 00:30: activation crack then you need to do some actions that we are now and let's do this for me there is a wedge program professional Well program for cleaning the computer I actually the benefit of the other on my with but I 'll show you the key here on this program we take it and install here like this
  • 01:00: Inglish what we have here Russian is here Russian next Well, here we are establish that will start the cliner add to cart check update so update turn off the Internet disconnected that our was internet disabled update disable and click here to install for those this video is for
  • 01:37: those who have recently there was a computer even many at work ask how to use a crack because a virgin of many computers are already very for a long time but people simply do not know how to use this video create specifically for such comrades and we installed click ready, well, here she is throws immediately to the site
  • 02:09: We do not need this and here setup program upgrade to pro write write enter name key and volume similar cancellation that is, it can clean but everything functions there for cleaning up it does not she does so erases some files
  • 02:39: but everything is for what is she it is designed without key does not work and what are we doing close this the program is we open the crack there is an instruction to them it is necessary to close the program here is even an exit to do here came out here we are two files here manual Well, in some there is manual attached that is we open the instruction and see install the program
  • 03:09: disconnect from of the Internet copy crack file ddd to a folder with established program launch or program and register following name Well, that's what we do. we open where it goes we stopped at disk c program files from all programs that are set to disk c is established in program files and here we are, we found behold
  • 03:41: read if version 86-bit programs then we are looking for this in this for 86 if the version program 96 bit how windows windows 90 up to 96 bit then look for in program files in another here ninety six
  • 04:11: sixty four step of the day boots type of system 64-bit operating system he make spoke himself I apologize and here we are we take this here we have a file branding we are looking for daddy with such files have been opened then lldlldll here we are we take a copy
  • 04:43: copy this file and here we insert put here gives no permission access and continue here she copied copied everything now what we do now we take open this program is opened this program so
  • 05:14: click on the construction site update pro name computer here it is written allocated copy paste key too, copy it is necessary to copy contour c contour in It can be named as we insert and click registration here is the registration
  • 05:45: is produced now analysis do analysis close chrome us like closed but she is there herself she herself closes match it costs anything does the believer here here that's how much
  • 06:15: files cleaning okay cleared that is this cleaning program computer from any rubbish look back clearing Well, there's nothing more
  • 06:49: almost no more registry now search problems with the registry error errors there is no fix save fix marked all fixed again click search problems all more errors are not
  • 07:21: found settings are there settings Exclusion files tracking that is it the program watches itself Clears at closing here I will now open Yandex Browser and the Internet is disabled I
  • 07:53: turn on internet click here to click all these same now close browser is closed wedge can clean google chrome chrome automatically click here to choose an option then there is a close you put
  • 08:25: check automatically when closing without a request and it automatically cleans your files this is the program that is, for what need a crack there are cracked different there is now I'll show you more suspension of the child is not
  • 08:59: meets the are you lord so there are different cracks what i'm talking about is crack yet
  • 09:29: unpacked programs so so the driver's he the crowd did not become one more program here's the installation here crock here it turns out when you installed the program is this one here open the crock it here for 6-4 bit version is up to 8 for 86 bit version
  • 10:01: discover this copy the copy and here I have here here and the same program he did not become thicker than me now I will show her back program files here for 6- digit 4-digit version open and we insert so it language and paste here here she will ask let's insert replace polyp daddy
  • 10:32: file in the folder destination but it's I myself have been replaced I will not replace that click replace it replaces and occurs fully operational program without any keys but do not need to update them because when updating this crack removed is put another and he is already here does not fit Do not update if you want your The program worked and
  • 11:02: updated and look in Internet then keys all that was registered version then the program will updated and if you use crack the same in games if there is a crack program will not be updated here is the video here and someone helped someone found out something
  • 11:32: new subscribe on channel we put huskies there will be many more interesting to everyone thank you bye video recorded through camtasia studio a good program principle, I'm not complaining thanks to all fishing rods