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Hardware Pedicure Processing of Foot the New Mill - YouTube

Hardware Pedicure Processing of Foot the New Mill - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Here is such beautiful when drying we need it in order to process the most rough parts but this one leg not say she slightly in principle
  • 00:30: suitable for us some places were I will show the very edge that's very good for hyperkeratosis cornflowers handle lateral parts of course cracks she is well suited they are large revolutions on turnover as see big and very large volume so I turned it on more than 5 this max
  • 01:03: she is very of course, lowercase and Transcarpathian work and such work up to work is the same as cap admit to very people very convenient on the very
  • 01:33: work because she cut it all out here already in principle already can everything else case with a cap Odessa citizens could cap simply I really wanted you show this prize for I showed you her how did i get but what not to do is not It is shown here it is facilitates labor masters just at times and it can work well and amusement launch
  • 02:03: achirata is easy because that she will not clog as well as a cap look what u its big here to it will be take this yourself but it is not there will be these here peasants to take off a good shot part but you can work both on respectively dry surface and on softened so that Here's another such
  • 02:34: drum showed in general that this is all I tell you wanted to show on today here already I tried the cap then which is very mild certainly not worth it handle this milling cutter soft parts you can know so without soft parts remained such here somehow on all at the cost of the customer working with its super all apparatus