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Openwork cape-knitting machine

Openwork cape-knitting machine  See details »

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  • 00:00: at often raised the question of how to knit openwork bet now! I will show how done using like these cams for Jora usually they are in complete any a deck of cards full-time machine well
  • 00:30: computer too you can prick use means it's not working part you want to knit without the need Openwork how to fill these streets if we We begin to knit openwork rate we assume from SICOM center means denote the central angle
  • 01:00: shooting hand Dekker is a loop that is, until the beginning of to manually hero here we identified rest until the fill like this streets here so they inserted behind needles begin knit center This marked the beginning
  • 01:31: our Cape used in openwork such cases it is better simple with a small a report of 8 loops 6 loops that is fine openwork provyazyvaem two rows continue continue to draw until ie that Mysik We depart from
  • 02:02: central left and right We tolerated even do expansion it will be framing basic pattern you get well, or rather enough
  • 02:32: We are expanding to more there has already appeared some openwork need given to him as a minimum needles 10 extension 08 a report that is I'm talking about and dated manually Mysik
  • 03:04: marked and now you can start knitting lace These areas have a carriage We will not work We perform delicate carriage and you see the needle It was so much the middle air middle Crochet 2 So we dated about
  • 03:36: openwork carriage wrong and continue a framework manually Again openwork carriage and again pattern border
  • 04:09: as we went expansion It means border pattern we can expand remove large cams and paste the little that is extended average part and we see that the needles have
  • 04:41: us went not exposed forget manually transfer loops boundaries in this way
  • 05:52: we continue to knit watching the borders cams matched drawing boundaries removing them or me big to small fishnet ranks carriage and the border and hand border manually
  • 06:35: in this way
  • 07:48: shaped openwork wedge That such is obtained
  • 08:36: tracery Mysik thanks for your attention