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Closing of loops - YouTube

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  • 00:00: Hello I greet everyone on your channel in the first turn before start our lesson I want to thank you for subscriptions on my the new channel also I want to say a huge thanks for the support for me it's all very it is valuable here that well now go to our today's lesson so we are with you learned to recruit loops have learned bind the facial
  • 00:30: loops for purlins today we are with you will learn close these loops that is, when we finish any item before we arrive at that what do we need close the hinges until then there is a canvas for us you need to close that's how we we will do this I'll show you now I I'll show you two method of closing loops start with 1 so look here you have the moment has come when you need to close loops
  • 01:00: what are you doing mine The first loop is removed yes how is it with us edge and not we further we we are bonding with you second loop is obtained from the account she at us as though 2 so the first is not it as though it is not important so they tied us up 2 loops are obtained for right spoke that we do we take the first loop and u we pull on ourselves
  • 01:32: we delay the second we need a loop should through this loop and finger index moved the needle all at we were left on right spoke one loop further we we bind the next loop tied up Again at us on a spoke 2 we need to loop this way
  • 02:02: to be always with closing loops what do we do again first loop we pick up on ourselves Well push it well there is we do maximally such distance to us and we expand on such distance for so that we we were able to throw the second loop through everyone stretched out her finger times shifted glu corrected all spread out all we have exactly neatly
  • 02:34: further knit a loop Again Knit Two hinges on the right spoke what are we doing pick up as much as possible distance for to us the second skip the loop through this loop all have removed have corrected all spread out all neatly let's go further so we close our loops
  • 03:06: at first you will have come out slowly then gradually in you will beat a hand that's how we close this first way of closing loops are now second way and so means the second way of closing loops what we do we
  • 03:36: we do not take anything off start immediately we need to bind tie two loops Together we are watching posterior stenochku you you can do it already behind the back wall we we sew two loops Together they knit on the right spoke with us one we do not need a loop on the right we spoke it we throw on the left spoke back and that we do and do too
  • 04:07: most take and 2 loops we we sew for the back stenochku together they tied us again on the right-hand spoke a loop we do not need her we return left needle case and more repeated and so we do everything to the end Look at the row here such edge at us it turns out here on really you are each
  • 04:37: will choose yourself for yourself what for you way more convenient I say that here I am of course I use mostly first way because I used to tone initially directly to to him , but in some cases of situation again, yes if it suits me to close so I I will close this way here chooses everyone himself for yourself how convenient and close there will be no margin in principle is
  • 05:08: that at the first closing method loops that the second he practically the same differences special in general I do not I see that's why you decide each for yourself like you will close loops try and and the first way and the second way is and how do you better so you will close loops and now look here you are reached the end almost to you 2 loops left you them too
  • 05:39: tie all there was only one loop We remove one needle what are you doing here here click the komi times clip Here so cut and just this time and pull out the thread you throw out and you completely everything is ready there is nothing complicated just need practice and problems in general no you have anything all home training several times it's all
  • 06:09: we do the more you train on topics faster you will have result more and more do not add to principle, nothing here I'm waiting for you on my the following videos lessons and how I and promised the following We have already mastered the you will knit something like that simple nickname for you to be already interesting how it is not easy to say
  • 06:39: It is easier and the children here knit such patterns you need something already proceed connect something essentially, but that's I wish you all good luck and all for now