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  • 00:00: all welcome today 1 sale repair machines that I almost do not need and today it is TV Sapphire 401 which apparently have a afraid of their compact the size of its unusual design and also for its red Unfortunately color initially can not to say that it is not so because such to something and indicates heart kinescope like it and indicate on it working personnel precisely scan Now we can not say but anyway unequivocal symptoms Let's turn it on It is responsible center
  • 00:31: native pens unscrew the brightness a maximum not now already understands it channel in general that volume can be basically clean a channel setting It works quite Agus He also shot down and precisely in tune Generally it now screen virtually nothing can be seen as or rather probably not I see nothing but fact there
  • 01:01: a small band which is offset somehow from the center the screen is usually, if not scan works personnel that respectively just is not exactly in the middle I may know deflection system It was already someone shifted but this band It is located just below perhaps it necessary but adjust as she is not bright and visible only when maximum brightness it now when I more flexible supplementary lighting, and general and do not see why anything right now tell
  • 01:30: TV hard I have first all check all explore and has to make an accurate the verdict of the right CRT or not but respectively from the cost of a kinescope depend on our further research whether this TV set or not so let's start measuring the voltage at the CRT the first thing that catches This scare eye to contact on the CRT this is not good because straighten them is like some risk but I think here basically they so much remember that you can be specific do not touch so
  • 02:00: best as I it seems all the same correct yet take a chance and hope the best that CRT and crack after replacement transistor sweep Image seems to be He came into the truth it can be said conditionally because while it only rather dull interference but in Basically if the hand got your back what you see there is something It has changed and dependence the setting here sometimes they may even raspolztis the whole the screen on which no more crawl the worse and in general the whole pretty picture
  • 02:30: narrowed about it it seems that here and without electrolytes classic not but if there were quickly spit brightness of the accordingly it is possible even something discern a short time in the well Generally it is still smarter video by this TV failed to achieve even if the tune Canal unfortunately it still does not shows are sound support but video unfortunately no you still go to This number seems to be TV and set
  • 03:01: but there is not that some I sync I understand there are rivers there seems to be even some specific outlines but very very far from ideal surrendering often will have little sit tinkered perhaps this is due so that now there is a different type of transistor sweep with the same but conductivity another type still You will need to pick up native because it Sorry but just not fit so now we will picked well and give let's see what this truth will come while still worried
  • 03:30: serviceability kinescope after replacing just a couple electrolyte little TV capacity like to grow but its picture but still very dull but if somehow cover arms may be It is seen that in actually it is stretched the entire screen and now we will try to play sharply brightness that's not very but sometimes it can be seen something here slips excitingly pliers switch to clarity to Sorry original pen present on it
  • 04:00: it needs to be broken yet glues dichloroethane Now there is something jumps trying not built on the whole of the channel screen runs flicker in Generally nothing yet interesting there image like start off synchronized trace to play handle synchronization rather there is in my
  • 04:30: rows purity or frames but still anything not normal so I think we Now the whole thing dig further and here but suddenly you deal surprised to find the wire extending suction cup on the CRT why then just dangle it seemed collapsed its multiplier half for some reason and numbers in particularly in contacts general that one capacitors here very unlucky He even seems to have burned, and in general, recovery has not to be unaware
  • 05:00: Do not start him because I do not like to find I can and here contact like restore and that is here one has disappeared I completely it now backfilled I was here sharpening a little needle files ie the idea here is not problem there here simply contacts cleaned pawn knife just in case to prevent further oxidation without capacitor I try to run but Does it not know will work without it somehow even more or less all the same I I want this multiplier therefore restore
  • 05:30: that we have such I sale are not met and look for it where you fear other the city is far from the best thing I ever do after repair multiplier TV began and show that the most important thing began features prominently brightly visible in dimness image was to blame CRT and the multiplier which apparently they proper voltage not issued is now after repairs outputs rated 12 kilovolts in general that the image is now but there are so Frame scan that was before fairest somewhere in itself
  • 06:00: Virgo general we only see scraps image and run very fast this is not regulated handles more specifically the back regulated pictures The exact frequency line lines as I understand it so the image can move out to the left right or do ranks and go but general It is regulated by purity frames again You can also sub-races pull it picture but a little normal Synchronization here Generally it is not visible have at least deploy it on all full screen and in no way does not work
  • 06:30: this image adjusted pen not only from behind and ie Front brightness contrast can be adjust but unfortunately normal the picture is not yet in However, before if you go completely full whale noise now in here on the principle of Actually what we We see here is image scrap below that is if you Now Charlize someone advertising and the text string it would be clear that Actually it is not something about some What is the image equilibrium but not Now we know repairs on see that something is wrong
  • 07:01: with frame scanning I understand though transistor replaced OK, in principle, her well transistor not enough so what else that is to fathom and will once again that fix turned that another transistor in the frame sweep was possibly defective that it is my fault because when he had directly output transistor quite powerful a signal in which the already cant go system I left it hanging in the first air fastened on him simple radiator possible that this radiator touch directly TV cabinet and
  • 07:31: He gave a short circuiting in the end he transistor survived because all he did quite powerful but Unfortunately previous small transistor pretty it is generally something of the spirit well anyway today TV shows but unfortunately no It went very well for around it is not working automatic level control because even if I Bring your finger here RTK antenna jack strange as it Now, without antenna show signal immediately get congested allotment personnel
  • 08:00: still not very Keep that there's really responding to my hand very much due to plug the normal antenna all turns Now this horror yet certainly not but normal antenna in general, then immediately breaks any and it is in sync Generally it seems to anything good to us and and does not judge so that apparently needed even look himself a receiving unit, and perhaps automatically level adjustment see more what happens but
  • 08:30: anyway image has obtained that can not but rejoice in this pie fucked again It turned out to hang sniff blocks automatic level control but after its removal in general, that all works because You need a basin TV quite normal It shows there quite clear picture and the most The main thing now is nothing It does not depend on antenna or rather dependent reception quality but the most important thing when hand tray picture stable system aru quite work since needed and now I can
  • 09:01: this body has pomu TV and while he all I have is not dried arrange certain completion of this which TV You will now see from the place of repair TV completed on changing the situation I I think you already guessed that order have passed since a while it true The fact is that TV again showed his malfunction but the multiplier suddenly I remembered that in the garage at my the second floor is Sapphire is also a TV he of course completely another model released 10 years later, but it It turned out to be exactly the
  • 09:30: the total multipliers I rearranged it here and now TV is without problems as well something that brought to an end that is, all gathered to Replace the basis telescopic Antenna she was shackled now there actually to the antenna unfortunately still do not have it I have to supply in general, I need to make one transitional vtulochku the antenna itself already for what it is not a little so typical with It further work but mostly TV already completely ready and let's define his tree operability
  • 10:00: included his It reacts with the word the bride and decides break the decomposition This negative liberties warmed theirs CAPTCHA it recognizes that its other carols slimmer and often calls up so let me to understand that anonymous and weight years to upset her skein always scandals intrigues investigation but true-to-market so after a few I have a little dream decline in adjusting Let's see how the brightness it looks at the TV, sort of so more or less in the reality much harder to get well
  • 10:32: in general, let us see what channels there is still First try Home reconfiguration really still You can knock down or Conversely adjust which is much more important than I know there is a feed where no but I think something Chamakh fenox breathing person to the health of your us it is obvious that something It was like Russia or culture because that's how the pick-up
  • 11:00: It shows first channel it is our local 13 channel here so well clearly you can customize will show it is quite normal we have seen a good deal on In fact, he It takes much More channel he It takes more and NTV excite and around Russia but
  • 11:33: Here it is unfortunately not well here it is just in my NTV matter so that in actually it all for you takes us Unfortunately not always as well as the need to basically conditions this garage and not help because that all the same here reception rather weak if you connect to the this TV normal drawn it climate since it is I should also remind on the section with him minor improvements which is not explained
  • 12:00: Now I do have to I did not work for because she Frankly silly but at the I needed time Monitor this way just a month things have changed and general that as I decided to monitor use this television but it does not it was a low-frequency but a small entrance Perry girl and give right thing to do We need this TV initially anticipated pour range digital wave but originally his factory ie it can be it was later recover this year issued his TV certainly was not therefore I mobilized BMW BMW Switch
  • 12:30: and, in general, when it surfing twitter to the regime Monitor are here Of course there is nothing only five runs and the sound is not quite but it is obvious Basically this mode monitor really I run it I tested and by the way there This mode was pretty hard establish the fact that on TV pretty intricate scheme in order to chop it TV signal you have to take and chop just two wire because otherwise it will not engaged signal
  • 13:00: Synchronization generally the picture will be stray generally well it is quite obvious also will not involved automatic trim level general, quite well so strange scheme usually built can be no problems so hot that there is still there were certain difficulties but I I put the little relay in general switch works that arrow that is, it is simply is closed as far as remember 12 volts or 5 V can not remember what there was voltage specific situation
  • 13:30: then after that alteration has already passed Well, in a while general now I I think you'll show you how TV looks rear right side once it will move Here and in general for one looks already also quite good that wanted to show what or rather is articulated at He's fixing it is that is now the the same principle ok here you can but to put the antenna Now the antenna until you need pull adapter because the thread on Antennas that I there is much
  • 14:00: less possible it is necessary to such Gadget example so FEA street pierced here well, especially as at the same time there was in fact on the 2d jack and the bottom is now Yet through it 5 in general that is supplied sound and video that is this external Video input is a 4 to telescopic antenna is native completely rotten Break so I he put his Of course it is not necessary It is not static plastic that Kirov was just metal tube well in basically all normal one pen
  • 14:30: also and so I lost I had to put another from just another Sapphire is certainly but its smaller function in general It performs better than well, perhaps this this senseless and ruthless repair TV sapphire we nevertheless completed by Unfortunately, in the near future repair time TVs will still fairly large but the amount of hope it survived as I and you my dear but as long as the audience if you did this video liked subscribe to
  • 15:00: estimates the channel komentiruyte and see my other video all the luck