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Why hair drop out? How to grow hair?  See details »

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  • 00:00: but how to grow hair how to grow hair in those cases if they fell out I immediately answer to the question is Shan's wife what happens that he starts the hair fall out of it after childbirth happens in pregnancy time is broken when disturbed cerebral circulation yes, here I see and insufficient food gets center that direct thyroid
  • 00:30: pituitary inadequate food gets and but then also toxemia there are also the central insufficiency thyroid gland hair may fall out during pregnancy when fed child at large blood loss during childbirth, too, then hair may fall out then if it was very so big psychological stress load load then
  • 01:00: there was an explosion and also thyroid iron worked poorly when also so experience start drop out hair because it happened explosion of thyroid knitting needles in such cases hair growth usually restored if there recover health she did not immediately restored as soon as you start thyroid work normally that the thyroid iron is normal We started to work them should meet be exempt from stresses we must get enough sleep that very much main thing is to meditate
  • 01:31: yourself and somehow not be excessive sensitive to me overreach sensitive and then hair with good nutrition with your movement at and about the correct mode I 'll start my hair grow again and I will inserted that is not necessary be too sensitive know from me quite active I have one time worked opera
  • 02:01: studio with our center now it's here this year is not works the fact that I you are engaged and here I noticed that girls who excessively worried they sing worse than those who somehow calmer flight is much better I I ask all the time asked them please do not be too not sensitive it is necessary too excessive sensitivity to us Does not interfere notice every a trifle and also it is not necessary pay attention to
  • 02:32: every little thing is a trifle must be still worthy of your attention is not necessary on pay attention to everything and superfluous sensitivity need to clean up here maybe a little bit we shall disassemble about sensitivity screen extrasensory there is a concept sensitivity or notions extrasensory and even our they become suddenly more
  • 03:02: sensitive than other organs of the body and this is usually after some kind of shock after stress after some very unfavorable states and then they become more sensitive extrasensory and the person too is becoming extrasensory if something was very bad in life and he just in case chuck hears every show the sound is every there rustling to every rustle all the time
  • 03:32: eyes all notice absolutely but it's in normal life is do not even practice is not it is necessary this is the lot people are still not held this lot people who do not live for themselves something very heavy they experienced with her and this is some painful the state of it you need you do not have to go out excessively sensitive whole
  • 04:02: this sensitivity usually ends insufficiency thyroid gland to be constantly be on the alert shchitovidka excessive work then she breaks it is not state of mind breaks anything breaks do not need to You should brag about your excessive sensitivity and you need to clean it hide it is not necessary even display